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Still Screens - how?


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I was wondering how to script in a screen like the one that shows during New Chapters - ie static image with scrolling text over it.


What files I need for it and in which format? Is there a tutorial on it anywhere?


Have anyone ever suceeded in adding new 'movies' to the game, and if yes, how was that achieved?


Thank you

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New textscreens are achieved by using TextScreen(FOO) where FOO is a 2da, much like an epilogue. You'll want a 2da like my BlankChapter.2da:

2DA V1.0
                       0           1
SWITCH                  DEFAULT     DEFAULT
DEFAULT                 99998       99999

Here is some tp2 code:

COPY ~path/BlankChapter.2da~ ~override/Blah.2da~
       REPLACE 99999 ~Here is some scrolling text...~


This is where CHAPTERBAM is fairly obviously the BAM of the image. An example is CHPTAMKE, which is the image for Amkethran.

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Uhm, that was me and since then I have found out that I cannot open them in BAM workshop or Photoshop... So what do we use to convert MOS to something useable (crosses her fingers that it's not DLTCEP)

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Guest Guest_Vlad_*

Domi, I don't know whether you have already done this but anyway you may take a look into my Setup-TS.tp2:


COPY ~TS/screens/SCRTXT09.2da~ ~override~

 After Saemon Havarian had finished his incantations you stood for a few minutes in expectation. The ship, ready to sail was still in Athkatla's docks... You were about to sigh and pronounce your thanks that at least it was not frog-turning, and request refund from the sly sailor. Suddenly the crew became agitated, everyone pointing to the east. You turned and saw a gray cloud speeding across the sky straight for the "Gallante". A few of the crewmen leaped overboard. Someone behind your back whispered: "that's how the fate looks?" and spat heartily on the deck. Then the world became one great gray fog and all you could sense is the movement of tremendous speed... But you could not distinguish the direction or count the time... Slowly you had lost your consciousness... and regained it in what seemed a short instant. The ship is riding shallow waters in a sheltered bay by a stony beach. Captain Havarian approaches you hesitantly...~




2DA V1.0


0 1


DEFAULT 16206 scrtxt09



Now ch04bgth is really ch04bgth.mos which is exported into BMP with NI, then modified in PhotoShop and saved as a MOS file again with any utility which handle MOS files such as MOSWorkshop, MOS Utility, DLTCEP.


Although I have repeated the posts above I think you'll find this example usefull.

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