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According to the readme:

ShadowKeeper will often list multiple entries for an item (e.g., there are two "Pearl"s and two "Wand of Lightning"s in ShadowKeeper's item list) -- but only one of them is really found in the game and only one of them will work with the Item Upgrade mod. If you give yourself the wrongone (and it is easy to do since they have the same name) you won't be able to do the upgrade.

This is simply because the .itm's have multiple replicas of each others, especially in large combinations of mods. The BWS should have had a stab at this, but I can't find it any longer, so do you have an intention to allow the player to use the different same items from mods to be utilized as equals in every item upgrade option ?

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Cam, a user from Polish forums reported there is an issue with encoding of Polish .tra files. He seas weird symbols instead of letters and the game crashed when he talked to Cromwell. I thought HANDLE_CHARSETS function ensures the correct encoding even if .tra files were provided in ANSI?

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@CamDawg, I did a bit of a testing. I have encoded all 3 files (from folder "polski") in ANSI before installing the mod. I have checked it in Near Infinity, then, and it seems to display fine. I've sent you these files a long time ago, when I think HANDLE_CHARSETS function was not even in use. That's why Setup_EE.tra was encoded in UTF-8 without BOM. But since this function *is* in use now, I think all 3 files should be encoded in ANSI.


Anyway, there were more reports about this at Beamdog forums, so I would be grateful if you could address this :)

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