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I was playing around with some stuff, and came up with the following

A mock EET launcher and possible logo

Launcher (Smaller size):



Little bit bigger mock launcher screenshot:


Couple variations of possible logo (one without inner gold circle joining rest of inlay)






Anyhow not sure if they would be of use, I can always edit them for any changes if anyone wants them.

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Well, it looks very nice :thumbsup: My only concerns is the future: adding Icewind Dale EE (IWD-in-EE) there is no place for the icon. Same for "theoretically possible IWD2-in-EE" and "PS:T". Do you have a concept where 2 additional icons are required?


Futher feedback:

- SoD icon is missing

- "EET" label is not needed

- "Enhanced Edition Trilogy" should be in one line

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New version is up, no new features, rewrite using WPF. please test new version and report if it crashes/doesn't work.


So...I have rewrite this application to use Windows Forms in order to remove Powershell dependency. It was nothing more but event-based programming app. Then I decided to rewrite it to use WPF just to learn new things and for fun. I use Themes, Commands, Threads, XAML and the rest of the modern ways to write applications. And it was a real enjoyment for me to work with "Windows GUI Frameworks". For beginner developer, who just barley start, editors, libraries, tools and design patterns were really good pieces of ecosystem. When you learn and use nice things, you do not want to give up on them because somehow you work doesn't feel so "great" anymore. I hope that I could find a solution which also offers all those great things which I've used but for cross-platform. If I will find a solution, I could put my effort to make this app as cross-platform.

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