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[solved] Variable does not get set in CHAIN - need help


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Do you see anything wrong with this chain? Because the "DO ~SetGlobal("C#AjantisBG1_RasaadRomanceConflict","GLOBAL",1)~" is not performed in the game (even though I doubled it to get it to work), i.e. "C#AjantisBG1_RasaadRomanceConflict" does not exist after the dialogue run, and the dialogue loops.

/* Ajantis - Rasaad romance conflict BG1 */
IF WEIGHT #-1 ~%BGT_VAR% Global("C#AjantisBG1_RasaadRomanceConflict","GLOBAL",0)
!StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) CombatCounter(0) !See([ENEMY])~ THEN ~%AJANTIS_BANTER%~ rasaad_romanceconflict
@70 DO ~SetGlobal("C#AjantisBG1_RasaadRomanceConflict","GLOBAL",1)~
== ~%RASAAD_BANTER%~ @71
== ~%RASAAD_BANTER%~ @73
== ~%AJANTIS_BANTER%~ @74 DO ~SetGlobal("C#AjantisBG1_RasaadRomanceConflict","GLOBAL",1)~

I'm using this CHAIN structure for xx other banters without any problems. I looked at BAJANT.dlg, and the "DO ~SetGlobal("C#AjantisBG1_RasaadRomanceConflict","GLOBAL",1)~" is in there alright.
- I know Ajantis is jealous, but this much?...

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CamDawg: THANK YOU! Yes, that was it. And now I will ponder for the rest of the evening why it didn't occur to me. I spent like over an hour trying to find the reason the variable doesn't get set!...


Jarno: In a CHAIN with no transitions or reply options, the end is only an EXIT.

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