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G(), GGT(), GLT()


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normally 'slow' script actions can seem to be executed 'instantly' within dialog.

Hmm, but blocking dialogs are supposed to block 'slow' actions until the dialog is done?

I know some do, that's why Max had to break dialog execution and then resume.

This hints something like there is a third class of actions?

instant, slow, blocked?

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Okay, here's the short list, this time without any guesswork.


1. I physically removed Instant.ids from the game, though clearing the ids contents would have accomplished the same thing. (I have since restored the file.)


2. For easier testing, I used WeiDU to flag all dialogs as pausing.


3. I played the game and talked to various people, especially while doing the Umar Hills quests (that's where I was at the time.)


The things I observed:


1. Actions not listed in Instant.ids, which included all of them since I had removed that file, will not be executed until the pausing dialog ends, and even then, some might not work right. (Possibly because the delay Sim mentions isn't happening like it should.)


2. I had trouble with Madulf and the Mayor. Madulf's initial dialog tries to set the MadulfJob global variable if you agree to talk to the Mayor for him, but for some reason this wasn't happening so the Mayor could never respond accordingly. Now that I think about it more, I seem to recall several issues involving the setting of variables, or rather their failing to be set properly.


That's about it, and it was several months ago. Setting up to test takes only a few minutes, so try it out if you want. I already found out what I needed to know (Instant.ids is used by the game.)

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That was the same issue I encountered (albeit in a different place). Hendak wasn't setting his variable after I added a DestroyItem() action to his dialogue (the SetGlobal() was in the same state, no less). Simply shuffling the action list was sufficient to get most of the actions to work, but it still sucked.


I've since cleaned things up so that non-instant actions in dialogues I modify only ever occur in EXIT states (with the exception of a couple things that would be too heinous to modify). BioWare seems to have been pretty careful about this, as I played through the entire game with the Force Dialog Pause setting enabled and didn't encounter any memorable issues in dialogues (ones not modified by me, at least).

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