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SCS + CDTWEAKS(BG2 Tweaks) Error while installing.

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I am pretty newb at troubleshooting this sort of thing, so if you need me to upload anything else let me know.

Yep, like uploading a picture as a .png... one would rather save the picture as a .jpg and upload it to a site, this will always allow you to link the direct link into a forum, which is what they allow to link via


... of course getting that direct link might be a depend on the site you upload it into, but anywayS:


The picture itself tells us not much, for a few reasons, you better upload the setup-stratagems.debug file as a .zip (this can reeduce the file size by 20 to 100 factors, and allow you to upload it to very many sites) ... problem for you in that is that as you don't yet have an authorized account, you'll need to do so offsite.

Don't get discorraged... though, my immidiate reaction is that you might want to go and reinstall the game into the Windows profiles subfolders if you are using Windows 10, this is because the solution is technically in the files already, but Windows 10 restricts the users file access so that they can't overwrite files in any other folder than the users profile files, which is what the solution would automatically do.

So I would suggest that you would go and install the Steam BG2EE onto the folder here:

C:\Users\<your windows user profiles name>\Games\BG2EE\

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Thanks for the quick response guys.


This may sound silly but how to i upload a zip. file on this forum? I have my DEBUG file for stratagems ready to go.


I've also installed the game to a place that my user can have permission to access files on the pc,

thanks Jarno.


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Like I said, you have to have an approved account, which your account email adddress should have gotten a verification reply from the forum, which just need to be opened and clkicked the verification address. But you don't have that, so your other option is to upload the file to elsewhere, and link to it.

I've also installed the game to a place that my user can have permission to access files on the pc,

Do you intend to tell that the C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ - sub-directories are that for you, including file overwritten by other programs working on old code archetypes, cause they are not in Windows 10. The way it works is that the files are "projected from originals" which are stored in the Windows 10's own back up space, which is in the hidden C:\ProgramData\ -subfolders.

Just a first clance of that link tells you:


Back in the days of Windows 95, 98, and XP, programs often stored their settings and other data in their own folders. So, if you installed a program named “Example” to C:\Program Files\Example, that application might just store its own settings and other data files at C:\Program Files\Example, too. This isn’t great for security. Modern versions of Windows limit the permissions programs have, and applications shouldn’t be able to write to system folders during normal operation. However, some applications—Steam, for example—still store their settings and other data files in their Program Files directory.

Today, steam has been Windows 10 verified/certified ... which tells you that, it doesn't do what that says anymore on Windows 10.

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And btw: first error of cdtweaks choking on IF_EXISTS is because Tweaks-Anthology Beta 4 contains weidu 239 which doesn't contain this action. The possible scenario of such bug is when somebody installed Tweaks-Anthology Beta 4 from self-extracting exe downloaded from Gibberlings3 Download section and then later he try to do the same with Tweaks-Anthology v4 but antivirus removed setup-cdtweaks.exe during extraction process / he extract new version of Tweaks-Anthology from github zip archive.

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