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Tentative Delainy/Barbarian Lovetalk


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Hi, I know it's been a while since any new material was made public. I do want to assure you that at least the writing is going to recommence. As a result, here is a version of a rough Delainy/Barbarian lovetalk. It still needs some work, and may not be in until ToB, but it is something new as I get back into the swing of things. I also intend to expand some of the further options later on.






Delainy’s arms snake around your waist, and you feel a slight pressure from behind. A slight, pleased growl rumbles from the woman pressed against you.


“I love everything about you, you know. Your vigor, your touch, your smell,†murmurs Delainy.


She nuzzles the small of your back, “There is a strength about you that most mainlanders lack, especially those of the city. Those born of a wolf would recognize it…if you had been born one, I almost guarantee you would have been the alpha male.â€Â


Option 1:

“You care for me because of my smell?â€Â


Option 2:

“Those of the city weaken themselves by living there.â€Â


Option 3:

“You sound disdainful of city folk, and yet you move among them.â€Â


Option 4:

“And you would have ruled the pack by my side.â€Â


Option 5:

“Delainy, can we do this some other time?â€Â


Option 6:

“Of course, we Bhaalspawn always rise to the top and claim our own.â€Â


If Option 1, then go to A.

If Option 2, then go to B.

If Option 3, then go to C.

If Option 4, then go to D.

If Option 5, then go to E.

If Option 6, then go to F.




Delainy pulls away, and barks sharply, “Don’t be foolish. I love you because I love all of you.â€Â


Her tone softens as she adds, “But I would be lying if I didn’t admit I found your smell…pleasing.â€Â


Delainy continues, “And in my travels among the mainlanders, one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the sheer variety of aromas…or how offensive they could be. Farmers stink of mud and fertilizer. Butchers reek of days old offal. The merchants and nobles I’ve met are even worse. They douse themselves in ‘perfume’ and end up smelling like a week-old skunk drowned in flowers. It is like they are pretending to be something they’re not, hiding their scent. No true alpha would even consider doing such a thing!â€Â


Option 7:

“Heh, sounds about right. Did you know many perfumes are made from dead skunk?â€Â


Option 8:

“I didn’t think I smelled that bad. I bathe at every stream and river we come across.â€Â


Option 9:

“Delainy, it wouldn’t hurt you if you indulged in a little perfume yourself.â€Â


Option 10:

“A rose, however fragrant, does not compare to you.â€Â


Option 11:

“It is just one weakness among many ‘civilized’ folk posses.â€Â


Option 12:

“I would really like to hold this conversation for another time.â€Â



If Option 7:

Delainy laughs, “Now, that I didn’t know. And yet these are the same people who get mad when their dogs roll around in the mud.â€Â

(End dialogue)


If Option 8:

Delainy squeezes your shoulder, and whispers in your ear, “Did I say there was anything wrong with how you smell?â€Â

(End dialogue)


If Option 9:

Delainy’s nose crinkles, “You actually like that reek?â€Â


She shakes her head as she says, “I would think it was enough to just bathe. I would sooner be struck blind than wear something that wasn’t my odor. It is one thing to disguise one‘s odor when on the prowl, it is an entirely different matter for…vanity.â€Â

(End dialogue)


If Option 10,

A shy smile breaks out on the werewolf’s face, but she clenches your hand tightly and whispers, “I prefer the scent of belladonna…it always reminds me of you.â€Â

(End dialogue)


If Option 11, then go to B.


If Option 12, then go to G.




Delainy pulls you tighter as she says, “I think you are right. It certainly seems like most of those who live in a city are certainly weaker than their brethren who live in the more rural areas.â€Â


Her nose wrinkles as she adds, “And when I look at how they treat what they consider their omegas…well, there is a danger there, as if the threat of disease is held back of the smallest of measures.â€Â


She drops back, “And yet we seem drawn to such places, are we not?â€Â


Option 13:

“So, if you think they are weak, why do you move among the city folk?â€Â


Option 14:

“One goes where the prey is thickest, where the rewards are greatest.â€Â


Option 15:

“If I had my own choice, I would turn my back on it all.â€Â


Option 16:

“Even in the city, there is strength. And that is why I come, to prove my strength.â€Â


Option 17:

“This talk is taking too long. We will continue this later.â€Â


If Option 13, then go to C.


If Option 14:

Delainy frowns at your response, “You are more right than you may know. After all, that is one of the many reasons my…pack…is doing what they are doing.â€Â


She pauses as she adds, “By trying to exert control, are they just dooming themselves by losing the wolf in the long run? For that matter, am I?â€Â

(End dialogue)


If Option 15:

Delainy presses in close, and you feel her heart beat, as she whispers, “And I would be running right by your side, my love.â€Â

(End dialogue)


If Option 16, then go to H.

If Option 17, then go to G.



Delainy draws up close to you, and she seems to take a moment or two to think before replying, “Yes, maybe I do look down my snout at them. You’re right, still I move among them, but so do you.â€Â


She shrugs as she adds, “My curiosity…made me leave my pack. I wanted to see how the mainlanders live, to increase my store of stories and tales. The best place was to come to the city.â€Â


The werewolf presses tightly against you, “And if I didn’t come, I wouldn’t have found you.â€Â


Option 18:

“Are you sure there is no other benefit you found here in the city?â€Â


Option 19:

“I am certain that we would have found each other one way or another.â€Â


Option 20:

“In some ways, the city is a test. A test of one’s strength.â€Â


Option 21:

“Can we hold this talk some other time?â€Â


If Option 18,

Delainy pauses thoughtfully, then she gently runs her fingers along the middle of your back and says, “Hot baths. I definitely like the hot baths.â€Â

(End dialogue)


If Option 19, then go to

Delainy nuzzles you, and whispers, “Thank Selune we wouldn’t have to find out one way or another.â€Â

(End dialogue)


If Option 20, then go to H.

If Option 21, then go to G.




Delainy gives a slight, playful nip on your shoulder before pulling away, pressing in close to your side.


“That is sweet of you to say so,†she whispers, “But…if you had been among my pack, and become alpha, then another would have been your mate.â€Â

(End dialogue)




Delainy reluctantly pulls away, and she says, “I…apologize. Among my kind, contact is the rule, not the exception. I would assume my mate would be the same.â€Â

(End dialogue)




Delainy steps away from you, and a dark shadow crosses her face. When she speaks, her voice is thick with a building growl, “Claims? I am your mate, not your dog. If you can’t see the difference between the two, then I shall be nothing to you.â€Â

(End dialogue)




Delainy’s face furrows slightly in disappointment. However, before too long passes, she nods in agreement, and then she pulls away.

(End dialogue)




Delainy shifts uneasily on her feet as she says, “I have heard much of the same sentiment before. And yet, all too often, the unwary are caught in its grasp.â€Â

(End dialogue)

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You don't think the bulk of it (with the exception of inferred comments such as "Delainey continues", which would not be a major loss) could be just as effectively conveyed in BG2-style bracketted text, maintaining game consistency without compromising the content of the mod?

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You don't think the bulk of it (with the exception of inferred comments such as "Delainey continues", which would not be a major loss) could be just as effectively conveyed in BG2-style bracketted text, maintaining game consistency without compromising the content of the mod?

Things like "Delainy continues" would hopefully be omitted when we get to the final edit (before we move to searching for a person to do voice work).


And I have no problem with making it more consistent with the BG2 bracket style as well...for the moment, this style is more to get the content down, then we can alter it later.


However, neither am I going to make it a firm promise whether it will be one way or the other at this point. Heck, I couldn't keep up with my own self-imposed schedule (Feb. making a project a year and five months in the making)

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Exactly the reason why I don't do schedules. I'd always lag behind them and be angry at myself for it. Seriously, as said by mostly everyone about a dozen times, it'll be worth the wait.


As for the dialogue styles: I'd say that during testing it was always a bit strange to see the PS:T style dialogues come up, but nothing beyond that. Heck, after reading a few of the Delainy dialogues, seeing the original dialogue style felt strange.

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