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Bug Report v 9

Guest Aerakar

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Guest Aerakar

1. The Sound Defense short sword available from the merchant is a short sword, but the description lists dagger as the proficiency (it is indeed short sword proficiency in reality).

2. The returning throwing dagger at the thieves' guild in Balder's Gate does not include strength damage when thrown, which is current expected behavior with throwing daggers.

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I have to concur with the Sound Defense bug. In game it lists dagger as proficiency, but when I equip it to my Illusionist/Thief with a pip in dagger it kills my THACO dropping from 19 too 22. So, like the poster above mentioned it must actually count as a SS.

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I just looked at this in my game, and can confirm it.  Also, according to the description it only gives a +1 bonus to saves vs. death.  Is that correct?  Seems boring, and not worth the money.  Didn't this sword used to be more interesting?  Chance of Sound Burst on hit, or something?

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In case anyone else is concerned about the gypsy kit and the name's connotation with a slur and would like a refluffing of the kit to something less potentially fraught please feel free to steal this for replacement in the english setup.tra file lines @70-@74.

@70   = ~Install Luring Piper bard kit~
@71   = ~Curse~
@72   = ~luring piper~
@73   = ~Luring Piper~
@74   = ~LURING PIPER: Luring Pipers are often employed as rat-catchers or similar vermin control specialists by townsfolk or farmers. By using their enchanting song they are able to charm their foes into traps or away from the town or farmland. However it unwise to cross a luring piper as their song can affect more than just vermin.

-  Song charms enemies unless they save vs. spells at +2, with a -1 penalty per 5 levels of the bard
-  Has a +1 bonus to saves vs. spells per 8 levels
-  Can cast Curse once per day. The opposite of a Bless spell, this gives foes a -1 penalty to THAC0 and saves

-  Cannot learn mage spells from the schools of Conjuration, Invocation or Transmutation~


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