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Calin NPC Mod


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50 minutes ago, Kitanna said:

no requirements for Edwin, for the PC, male, good, human, elf, you know.

Here you go. Any bugs or whatever please do it Here    Navarra isnt hosted yet and I don't want to make this thread about her.


One more thing, where can I find her? BG2 is rather big after all.

Edwin is a romance rival here? Interesting.

Happy and healthy holidays!

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  I'm sorry, not feeling well lately. Yes, here at G3. Thank you for asking, if your interested, there is a link to a rough beta, I say rough as there are most likely spelling errors and possible bugs, on page 4 of this forum.

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Guest Respite

Hi Kitanna, I hope life isn't going too terribly for you at the moment. I know things were rough for a while. 

A few quick, general questions about Calin that I don't think I've seen the answers for elsewhere: Does his romance track follow the friendship track, or is it either/or? About how many talks is it in SoA and ToB? Also, I know he reacts to RE now (awesome), but does he have traditional romance conflicts as well with Anomen and other mod NPCs? Finally, who would you recommend I take him in a party with? Does he have more interactions - or more interesting ones - with some companions over others?

Thank you and I sincerely hope you are doing well. Neh'taniel is a gem and I'm very excited to try another NPC by you. :)

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I just moved to another state and I don't have access to my computer right now but his romance track is separate  from the friendship track I really don't know off the top of my head how many talks he has in Soa Or TOB I'm trying to do this on my phone so excuse the lack of Punctuation also he does have jealousy talks with Anomen, Nehtaniel and Edwin if you have the Edwin romance mod. I will have my computer tomorrow hopefully and can tell you more then. I'm glad you love Neht he was a labor of love for me so it makes me feel good to know he still has love even after all these years.                                                   Kitanna

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