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Calin NPC Mod


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Oh bummer, I'm seeing an install error for Calin:


[tb#compile_patches/Calin/Dialogues/KKCaliJ.d] PARSE ERROR at line 2054 column 1-54
Near Text: (
        syntax error
ERROR: parsing [tb#compile_patches/Calin/Dialogues/KKCaliJ.d]: Parsing.Parse_error
ERROR: compiling [Calin/Dialogues/KKCaliJ.d]!
Stopping installation because of error.


Any help would be appreciated, I'm very much looking forward to playing with him!  :)

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Oh...what a shame. :(No chance even for an alpha/demo of what was finished till now to see a bit/get a taste of what she could have offered?

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I'm sorry, it isn't in an alpha stage. I started it years ago and stopped to take care of my grandson. But, things happened along the way and I am no longer capable of writing a romance. That's why the TOB part of Calin's is so bad. And it is bad..... I thought I could finish it if I removed the romance but.... I can't.  Maybe after more time passes and I'm not so, well, messed up by what happened.  I really am sorry, I had even written a romance years ago  between her and a certain NPC if she wasn't a match for the player and really did what to finish it. I just need some time to heal and maybe I can. I hope you understand.


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I don't have one yet, sorry. Had a few set backs due to that pesky thing called life getting in the way. 😀  Please use the section I set aside for Navarra here http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?board=125.0   for questions, comments as I don't know if  using Calin's is acceptable/allowed and I post everything related to her there. I'm so glad you are interested, and a tad excited 😛 , about playing the mod. I will do my best to get a playable version as soon as possible. But, she isn't close to that point yet.


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