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The Calling Beta 2 Now Available


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The Calling really started as a collection of random questions from BG—why didn't anyone take over the gnoll stronghold, considering the two bordering nations are on the brink of war? How come the only class-specific quests in the game are with Narlen Darkwalk? Why isn't Melicamp used more? Designed originally to be a series of class-related quests, it's now being released as quests get developed and completed. At present one quest is available, along with an item pack and a peaceful resolution to some TotSC content.

Beta 2 Changelog:

  • Fixes for The Calling component:
    • The guaranteed black pearl has been moved from Sil, since various mods allow her to leave peacefully. It's been relocated to the cave she guards.
    • The mage calling also adjusts Thalantyr's dialogue in a much mod-friendlier fashion. Previously the 'in-progress' dialogues could block needed dialogues from other mods.
    • The cutscene that is supposed to follow the final bracer removal only played on Tutu games.
    • In the sequence at the Nashkel mines where you helped Melicamp restore the memory of two miners, the dialogue from the miners still sometimes read as if the mines weren't yet cleared.
    • Taerom's timer was not working properly since its scope was wrong.
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I was very much looking forward to try this interesting little ( hopefully bigger in the future ) mod on Tutu. But looking it's current state I think it would be wiser to pass on, at least for now. Latest update was at the beginning of February and here I see numerous bugs reported as late as July and many of them unanswered. Am I right in assumption  that this mod is currently unplayable and that it is better to wait it's updated future version?   

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