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Picking up gorions letter in candlekeep makes Tiax leave

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Hello everyone, so I just had Tiax randomly leave my group and couldn't find anything related to it online.  So I experimented around a bit and it seems like picking up gorions letter (it also talked to me, which I think was not in the base game, so it must have been added by either NPC project or SCS) causes him to leave after a short while. 

Has anyone experienced this prior? Is it a bug?

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The talking letter is indeed introduced by the NPC Project to keep track of variables. Did he mention something about it before leaving or is this pure conjecture? Tiax is a cleric of Cyric, so it could make sense, but if it was part of the NPC Project he would definitely have brought it up in a dialogue. Are you sure it's nothing to do with your reputation?

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Guest Miona

Sorry to bring up an old thread but I have just had the exact same issue.  Picked up Gorion's letter and it "talked" to me. Right after Tiax then talks to me and looks like he gives a leaving dialogue (https://imgur.com/ZHsCdBp) then just wonders off with his nice gear.

My reputation is 12 (running a neutral party) and I have even tried to lower it down to 6 in EE Keeper and try but still get the same affect. 



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I think Tiax should trigger a comment to the content of the letter, but for some reason, the kickout dialogue triggers instead.

To prevent this, you can try setting SetGlobal("X#TiBhaal","GLOBAL",2) via cheat console before taking up the letter.

EDIT: wait, this is actual BG1NPC content, but related to his quest. I'll investigate...

EDIT2: turns out this is because of Tiax' quest: if the player let Belgin go in Tiax' presence, Tiax is supposed to leave but the dialogue (the one you encountered now) didn't trigger but it does now because the trigger is active.

Did you play his quest?

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OK, this is a bug: the dialogue needs more trigger.

To solve this for you, please set SetGlobal("X#TiaxQuestComplain","GLOBAL",8) via cheats (this should close the leaving unhappy dialogue) EDIT: and you should be save to pick up Gorion's letter or cklicktalk Tiax etc.


EDIT: is fixed in v24.9.

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