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One more ToB trigger that works in SoA


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ActuallyInCombat() is another ToB trigger that works in SoA. Both asylum.bcs and frenneda.bcs use this trigger in standard, patched SoA.


 ~0x40D5 ActuallyInCombat()~
 UNLESS ~0x40D5 ActuallyInCombat()~


Interesting. But do they actually _work_ without TOB? The fact that it's not used more frequently makes me wonder if it couldn't have been intended to be some other opcode which was not fully purged from all the scripts, and given that, say, the Frennedan AI wasn't exactly key to the game, if there was a bug in it nobody would really notice or care.

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If there are triggers with higher opcode (can't confirm this coz i got only tob installed), then it is 99.9% that it is working (at least in a development phase). The creators of the engine seemed to implement stuff sequentially as they needed something. They didn't skip numbers. Some numbers are missing because their respective slots may have been dropped, used at least for testing, simply left out of the final version, or such.

If there are still undocumented slots, then chances are they are doing something (maybe even something useful).

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Having played BG2 with and without ToB, I can vouch for Camdawg's report. (ToB didn't change these things.)


Frennedan has a timer that starts when you free him. When the timer expires, he turns into a doppelganger and attacks the party. However the timer is rather long (44 game minutes), and the party is likely to get into combat before it expires, though he would attack if the party rested. If the party enters combat, and Frennedan is nearby, ActuallyInCombat() becomes true and he attacks immediately. (This makes is look like Frennedan is taking advantage of a situation to catch the party unaware.)


Asylum.bcs controls Jon's actions as the Coordinator. If, for example, you talk to Aphril a certain way and she spawns in/reveals hostile demons, this will cause the ActuallyInCombat() trigger to become true and Jon will immediately abort the tour. (Charname and group are supposed to be 'helpless' at this point in the game, as Jon would normally reveal at the end of the tour, so he must act with haste to prevent his prize from being killed prematurely.)

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