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Unearthed Arcana present Tome & Blood: more options for arcane casters

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But I am adding a component: component 95, 'Multiclass Specialists,'

Was it maybe that 95 used to be something else at some point? This  interacts strangely with Fnp multi shaman component (92) that contains in system_fnp_spontaneous.tpa :


// bonus WIS casting slots____________________________________________________________
ACTION_IF (MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~tomeandblood.tp2~ ~95~) BEGIN
LAM semi_wis_slots


This fails because semi_wis_slots doesn't exist (since the split/redispatch of sd mods I think)

It think this wasn't apparent because there was no TnB 95 anymore?

(Why two posts? G3 forum appears to do strange things with quotes today... 😕 )


EDIT: and... one more strange forum thing, no idea how to fix this post :O

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Not terribly important, but found a small install error caused by Refinement's Sword Saint kit. That kit patches the Project Image spells due to an unlikely situation of dual classing at high level and one of it's custom HLAs causing issues. Unfortunately, whatever it does to the spell, it trips the Revised Specialists, with a "ERROR: illegal 2-byte read from offset 3146074 of 1738-byte file SPWI703.spl" message.


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Yeah, the other way around it installs fine. I had Refinements somewhere before T&B for a long time in my install orders for I don't remember what reason. And deciding to install that kit gave me the surprise error.

Even the comment in the code points out how unlikely that problem is to happen, so I didn't mind looking it up and disable that bit for an impromptu fix. So eh, I can deal. Just brought it up in case it happens to someone else, or a fix is needed because that patching turns out to cause trouble.

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Something that came up toying with Talents of Faerun. If I install T&B's Revised Specialists and then ToF's Changes to Restoration (or "Install all spell tweaks" for that matter), it throws this error about the Ray of Enfeeblement spell.

ERROR: cannot convert headers_50 or %headers_50% to an integer
ERROR: [SPWI221.SPL] -> [nowhere/SPWI221.SPL] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found)

If the F&P's sphere system has gone over over it, D5F2221, d5p2221.spl, will also cause the same issue. If I take the file(s) out of the override folder, no other spell seems to cause the issue.

Might be a problem with ToF, but the way that error is phrased made me worried there might be an issue with how T&B changes this spell in particular.

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24 minutes ago, Connelly said:

Might be a problem with ToF, but the way that error is phrased made me worried there might be an issue with how T&B changes this spell in particular.

It's Ray of Enfeeblement. I don't think T&B changes that spell differently than it changes any other... :undecided:  And I don't know how ToF works. Clearly it is counting headers and putting the number into a variable, but I have no idea why the variable would fail for this spell.

Honestly... I don't even like Revised Specialists anymore. The in-school spontaneous casting was a nice concept and it got me toward better spontaneous-casting systems (FnP's spontaneous divine casting, TnB's multiclass sorcerers, and the Arcanist/5E system). But compared to those, the Revised Specialists system is crude and hacky. In a case like this where it is giving you trouble... I would just not use it. Given unlimited time and energy I would probably code something much newer, like a modified 5E system where specialists cast spells normally but can get free use of the 5E versions of the spells in their school under the 'Cast Spell' button. Alas, I don't have time time for such a thing.

I still like some of the simpler aspects of this component - better monster summoning for Conjurers, better Contingencies for Diviners, better spell protections for Abjurers, etc. Maybe I will leave this in place and put the janky old spontaneous casting behing an .ini setting...

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Having trouble with HLAs using Magus kit. It looks like I'm unable to select any wizard HLAS on the list, be it comets, alacrity or any other wiz HLAs added by Olvyn Spells.

Does anybody know a solution to this?

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@subtledoctor having an issue with the Necromancer Class spell ability "Rebuke Undead"

Instead of working and Holding Undead, instead it's affecting non-undead 😅.

I know the .spl files are d5nctu but those are actually fine and unchanged, so it seems those files are referencing another file which employs the hold effect.

So I don't know if you could tell me the name of the file which you encoded for the hpld undead effect so I can easily pinpoint the mod that's causing the conflict and just replace the file with what's in that mods backup.

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I'm trying to trace an issue in my install and I need help confirming my suspicions. When using the innate metamagic component, the metamagic spells seem to use the average level of the character. This is only an issue with dual classes, and then only an issue with plain Contingency, since its the only metamagic spell that scales with level. Tested it with fresh characters dualed to wizard at different levels and the behavior seems to be consistent. Could this be because its cast as an innate ability?

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I think I can confirm that behaviour on my install as well. I had wondered why it took so long for Imoen's contingency to allow 6th level spells but if average level including thief levels is used then that would explain it.

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