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Welcome to Balduran's Seatower!


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Balduran's Seatower - A Quest Mod for Baldur's Gate, presented to you by the BS Company!

Citizens of Baldur's Gate!

I am happy to announce the upcoming opening of the Balduran's Seatower to the public! In the not too distant future, citizens will be able to take a stroll through the famous seatower founded by our city's namesake Balduran!

Construction is still ongoing, and there are rumors about things not being quite as they seem to be. There will be many quests waiting for the fearless adventurer!

- Clear the catacombs from the evil that nested inside!
- Find a missed monk who vanished with the Ilmater's alms for the poor!
- Help a soldier's brother who got into trouble with smugglers... and more!
- Protect the Seatower Commander against a doppelganger invasion!
- Follow the stray Sahuagin into the secret tunnel and explore the sea cave beneath the tower!
- Retrieve a godly artifact from the Old Temple Island!
- Help Inn master Roryn to catch all 11 rabbits inside the tavern!

Many names contains the list of hardworking builders who contributed in the past as well as right now to make the area available to the public!
Let us give the building team a cheer and wish them good luck and good success to finish up this historical place at the south western end of the Docks District!

Visit here for more information!

Enter here to cheer, talk about, and await the opening in anticipation!

Try the Early Access Open Beta!

-Herald of Duke Eltan
hammer 1368 DR.


Promotion Artwork by Acifer!

Baldur's Gate and Flaming Fist coat of arms by Buttercheese / TariToons: www.deviantart.com/taritoons

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