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I have been playing the Baldur's Gate series with SCS for the first time and I have been (mostly) enjoying it. I beat baldur's gate 1 as a human berserker quite easily, only running into trouble with Iron Throne fight and the Chessboard. Sarevok and his posse went down easily enough, so I imported to bg2 and dualed to druid. I picked Jaheira, Anomen, Jan, Edwin, and Keldorn, and have currently cleared a good chunk of the major quests, including some of the notoriously difficult ones (de'Arnise Keep, Planar Prison). So I started out on doing the Unseeing Eye, and the first few beholders I encountered were easy enough due to skeleton warriors + wizard eye. As soon as I entered the Ghoul Town, a lich spawned with a million spell protections up. No big deal right? A few pierce magics and a breach should take care of him. The problem, however, is that he is surrounded by a buttload of undead, including skeleton warriors and greater mummies, who summon aerial servants and skeleton warriors. There's too many too deal with, Anomen's Sunray keeps getting interrupted, his turn undead seems to do nothing, and dispelling the lich's spell protections  aren't enough as I still have to deal with the other undead. My main character currently a Berserker(9)->Druid(13), Jaheira is Fighter(10)/Druid(12), Anomen is Fighter(7)->Cleric(14), Jan is Illusionist(11)/Thief(13), and Edwin is a Conjurer(13). What should I do? I currently have Ascension, SCS v33.3, Tweaks Anthology, and aTweaks as well as some other minor mods.

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SCS gives the main character an innate ability that lets you change difficulty settings on a setting-by-setting basis on the fly. I don't remember the exact number, but there's a particular setting that controls what groups of monsters spawn for BG2's "randomly spawning groups". (e): It's setting #22...on a ToBEx game, anyhow.

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The real problem you're experiencing here, is aTweaks PnP Undead component. Greater Mummies and Skeleton Warriors are immune to turning with it and Greater Mummies also count as high level clerics. And if you also installed PnP Elementals the end result is that the Aerial Servants summoned by the mummies become a force to be reckoned with, who can instantly become invisible every round.

The lich is probably the easiest opponent, and that's the only one SCS touches.

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