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  1. Also found that Necromancers can cast Invisibility, but only if they're level 12.
  2. Minor in the grand scheme of things but True Sight is part of enemy Conjurers' spell choices despite being a Divination spell.
  3. @jastey I played with it and the kits simply don't install if the game detected is BG2EE. However the add_kit_ee library written by Wisp is included in the mod for the installation of the two NPC-exclusive kits so I'm not sure what is the problem exactly.
  4. I think he means these mods leave the SCS AI at a disadvantage because it can't use the new spells while the player can. Key word is: I think. It's a Jarno post, after all.
  5. The real problem you're experiencing here, is aTweaks PnP Undead component. Greater Mummies and Skeleton Warriors are immune to turning with it and Greater Mummies also count as high level clerics. And if you also installed PnP Elementals the end result is that the Aerial Servants summoned by the mummies become a force to be reckoned with, who can instantly become invisible every round. The lich is probably the easiest opponent, and that's the only one SCS touches.
  6. He's obviously referring to the EE since it's when the NWN section opened up on the BD forums. Are you being deliberately obtuse?
  7. This is exactly how Baronius used to frame his actions at BWL. "We aren't like the others, we have standards!" Only difference is that good old B would also add "stupid Americans can't understand how us superior Eastern Europeans do things".
  8. I agree. Even when he was a normal member Julius approach to discussions was clearly "let's never say anything bad about anything". It appears to me he approaches moderation the same way. This is just sweeping problems under the rug though and the end result is that the Beamdog forums feel like a "happiness is mandatory, SMILE everyone!" kind of place. Most threads are dominated by the same 5-6 people patting each other's backs. You can't browse any older thread without being welcomed by dozens of ugly red "user banned, move along citizen" avatars. I have no doubt it entirely stems from good intentions (making the forums feel friendly) but it's all so counterproductive.
  9. this thread reminds me of that time dorotea banned jcompton and it makes me feel old
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