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IWDification v6beta various issues - solved

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on classic BG2 I have found that :

  • The portrait icons for new spells exist but are not introduced by the mod for classic game : the .tp2, function.tpa, STATES.BAM and STATES2.BAM have been updated in order to add the new arcane and divine icons for classic BG2
  • SR - Spell Deflection blocks AoE spells - does not update Iwdification spells : Subtledoctor solve this issue in https://github.com/subtledoctor/iwdification/blob/master/iwdification/setup-iwdification.tp2 - the tp2 have been updated.
  • The ref for animations are not linked to infinityanimations-b5 mod but to BGEE ref. In consequence, it does not allow to use WIZARD_MONSTER_SUMMONING_4 on classic BG2 (game CTD for wrong Animation reference) : the tp2 have been updated.
  • CLERIC_BLOOD_RAGE does not work as intended - in tp2, the EA choices have been corrected.
  • WIZARD_LICH_TOUCH work strangely: saving throw avoid paralyze and damages - saving throw for the damage effect in the cdia626a.spl have been removed .
  • CLERIC_SYMBOL_OF_PAIN and CLERIC_SYMBOL_OF_HOPELESSNESS are not working well with SCS (the ~OF~ have to be removed) - spell designation have been modified in tp2
  • issue with WIZARD_MORDENKAINENS_FORCE_MISSILES (for BGee) - solved by Daeros_Trollkiller - the tp2 have been updated.

Those issues are solved in the attached file (extract files in the iwdification folder)

Edited 1&2 :

Add compatibility between Rogue rebalancing HLA and bard songs component (50) - you can't select anymore enhanced bard song if RR is installed ; install bard song component after RR

Add Bard updated description - present but not installed on classic BG2

Edited 3 :

Corrected "Cure Moderate Wounds" temples addition :

  • Description of Cure Moderate Wounds now works in temples store,
  • The price should be now more sensible: initially, it was simply the double of "Cure light wounds" price leading to a value of 100gp for mosts temples. However, 100gp is already the price for "Cure Serious Wounds" in most temples in BG1 part of the game; It is 150gp in mosts BG2 temples. I have adapted the price to be the average value of "Cure light wounds" and  "Cure Serious Wounds" prices. It should now be around 75gp in BG1 part and 100gp in BG2 part of the game.

Edited 4:

Correction to Scroll of lesser elemental : The scroll's icon of Lesser Earth, fire and air elemental was missing. Correction made to 'functions.tpa' lib to install the icon correctly



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