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Tweaks v9 Bugs

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Hello everyone,

DL the latest Tweaks Anthology (CDTweaks) and ran it for my BG2EE game. I'm using the latest patch, not the Beta you can get early. Some of the tweaks aren't working.

  • Change Jaheria's alignment to NG (did not change her alignment, still TN)
  • Happy Patch No Complaints about Reputation (evil is not complaining but neutrals are complaining now I'm getting really popular)
  • Store Item Prices Don't Depreciate (they depreciate like normal)

I've reinstalled it several times to no avail.

Other mods:
More Styles for Mages
Disable Stoneskin Color
Convenient EE NPCs (disabled the EE NPCs)
Soundsets V2

Anyone else had this problem?

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Hmm, you started a new game ? Or rahter started a game in which you had not entered an area that the changes that were made had not existed before. Say like Jaheira's alignment, it needs a restart of the campaing, this is because the change is made to the .cre file, that is created during the start sequence of the first dungeon in BG2(SoA). So it doesn't alter your already existing Jaheira in a save. And yes, the character is in the save even if it's not featured as a part of your party.

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Guest Zottelcello

I tested "Store Item Prices Don't Depreciate" with restarted games. In BG1EE and IWDEE, the sale price of short bows remained at 15 gold. In BG2EE, the price dropped directly to 9 gold each.

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Stores and NPCs are stored in the save games, so you won't see changes when loading in an existing game.

Happiness comments are a bit odd in that they need to be in a specified happiness range, but also changed recently. So if you're just moving about a rep range where happiness is not changing (e.g. your evil characters are modded to stay at zero happiness, instead of moving into negative territory) then they may not comment much, despite commenting a lot earlier.

I'm unable to replicate the depreciation issues.

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