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No rule for anything

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I see ridiculous messages from Weidu about "no rule" for bgee, soa, bg1 and every other game, with GAME_IS. It is as if this "rule" function is broken. I don't always get this message, but I don't ever want to see it. What could be causing this?

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Should probably read up on just what arguments that condition recognizes...

EDIT - which, to be fair, is not an entirely sensible list. I don’t remember all the details, but the rule has evolved based on the need to support legacy mods - it was not designed top-down as a sensible rule.

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It's GAME_IS ~bgee~. And the like.

Point out the mystery here. However, this mostly comes up when the mod fails to install for some reason or is being uninstalled. Then I get these warnings.

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I told there was invisible text... and so here, you should use:




Not just GAME_IS for whatever that throws at you... this is of course all within a BEGIN ~component name~ .... END -clause.

END being in Italics cause it's not strictly nessasary if it's the only component.

Or different thing is to utilize the thing in:


At this:

BEGIN ~component name~


... if you want to allow it to be used only in certain possibilities. And like shown in elsewhere, you can have multiple strings in the blah sepatated by a space.

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Neither. It's all valid, but the message appears, I think, only when uninstalling this mod on account of another, installed earlier. Weidu reinstalls the other, then proceeds to reinstall this one, and if the tp2 has been rewritten or something else has changed in the meantime and the reinstallation can't proceed, there is a litany of complaints about "no rule." Well, it doesn't matter. Some quirk of the installer program.

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