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Asylum ara script bugs

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From BD:


Two bugs are fixed by this file:


The first bug occurred due to there being two ways to get into this place: either to kill the mage Perth The Adept and take his Wardstone, or for the protagonist to speak to the Pirate Lord Desharik and convince him of the protagonists' (or a party member's) insanity. The problem occurred when the protagonist both refused the Pirate Lord's admittance after speaking to him and also obtained the Wardstone; variables would sometimes be set indicating that the protagonist both had the Wardstone and was sent by the Pirate Lord simultaneously, which confused the script. Upon opening the front door the Wardstone would disappear, there was no one there to greet the protagonist, the inner doors were unpickably locked, and the petrification trap on the bridge the protagonist arrived on would now be active without the Wardstone, so the protagonist would be stuck and the game could not be finished.


I added some missing variable checks to the initialization of this area that resolved this condition. On entering Spellhold  the plot should continue no matter what the method or path chosen to arrive.


*** NOTE: If you are currently experiencing this bug and saved while inside the Spellhold lobby, just leave and return to resume the plotline. Also, the bug of certain characters being duplicated in the Asylum existed prior to and was not caused by this edited script. It may be fixed by me in future if it is not addressed by the developers, but is minor compared to the game-killer this fix resolves.


The second bug was caused by using the Wardstone to gain entry, and then attacking Irenicus' co-ordinator guise. This is supposed to cause him to disappear and appear in his real form, but depending on the force of the attack, sometimes he would disappear and then talk to the protagonist from the lab without actually dimension-dooring in. Thus the game would count him as not having appeared. When the Spellhold maze was completed, the same area would be entered, and the game, noticing that Irenicus hadn't appeared yet and that he had been attacked, would cause him to appear. However his dialog would now be that of when the protagonist is stuck in the jar, and the whole sequence would partially "loop" ending with the protagonist stuck in the jar and the game unfinishable.


// asylum script bugs
COPY_EXISTING ~ar1515.BCS~ ~override~
   REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("ppattackedJon","GLOBAL",1)~
   REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("PPdeshSend","GLOBAL",0)~

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This is an inconsequential request...


Not sure if this is occurs in vanilla game, that's why I'm reporting this here instead of a new thread.


(AR1515) If you arrive at Spellhold by being committed, you appear in jail cells, and Lonk the Sane opens the doors so that you can mingle with the other inmates. After the battle with Irenicus, I found the doors were locked again. Some of the other cell doors are locked too, but Imoen's door is open.


Big deal.




I would ask that the cell doors be left open. Why?


One the one hand, we could say 'let's be consistent'. Either all doors are locked, or they are open.


In a 'regular' game, I make Yoshimo drop some of his stuff before the whole Spellhold drama unfolds. Not really necessary, as I can get it off his corpse later. Meh.


In a BGT-BP game, isn't the party gear dropped within the cells (been awhile since I played that far in the game)? If so, may not be able to get to the stuff.


You say, "just use Imoen or another thief to open the doors." That works, if you haven't told Imoen to make her own way to the surface, or you have a thief in party.

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I don't think it's something Fixpack should change.


Untested, this will unlock all doors in AR1515 after either Lonk is killed, or you managed to talk him into releasing prisoners:



Put this in a filename.BAF file, and do EXTEND_BOTTOM ~ar1515.bcs~ ~filename.BAF~ from TP2.

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Thank you.


Added to the growing list of Azazello's Optional But Cool Changes to BG2-Fixpack:


///// Azazello's Optional But Cool Changes to BG2-Fixpack
///// Asylum area - opens all doors after beating the Maze \\\\\
///// http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=3331&st=0&p=67581entry67581 \\\\\

EXTEND_BOTTOM ~ar1515.bcs~   ~bg2fixpack/compile/ar1515.baf~
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