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A few related bugs and inconsistencies

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On 6/28/2022 at 7:21 PM, Frenzgyn said:

I took the time to do a bit of tinkering, I ended up with a forked working thing (tested in Bg2ee and EET install) that SHOULD address a few of the aforementioned issues.

1) Tweaked all the three version of Kivan's Bow to be more consistent stat-wise (nothing extreme, on the contrary it could be probably a nerf to certain degree);
2) Restored the last upgrade done by Cespenar (skipped in EET);
3) Tweaked the Bows and Kivan's Hood (Ranger's Hood) to be usable only by "Kivan" and his Spear to be "Elves only";
4) Hopefully resolved the conflict with BG1NPC's Kivan's Bow;
5) Harmonized all the description with in-game stats, weights and removed useless text-only in the various descriptions.

What I have NOT done:

- Restored P#WREATH.itm and P#DEH01.cre to EET installs. I need to figure out yet how all that stuff works.

In details the only not striaghtforward approach was number 3.

There was 2 problems:

1) BG1NPC use item_use.2da restrictions for a shared resource (P#BOW), but Vanilla Kivan and Kivan from this mod have different actors name references.
2) Kivan from this mod use a different strref name when installed in EET than in BG2EE (which uses the same as vanilla).

The workaround work as follows:

a) I created a new P#BOW, with the correct restriction  using Op 319 and called it P#BOW00, updated all the related references (mainly Neiros conversation) and replaced it in the inventory of  the SoA spawned Kivan;

b) Added restriction also on other Kivan's only items (it was specified in the description, but as text only): P#BOW01, P#BOW02 and P#HOODM;

c) Since EET create a new string reference for Kivan's creature name (214300 and not the BGEE/BG2EE 9491) I created four alternative version of the aforementioned four items (three bows and the hood) with the updated string reference (214300) that would be copied over in case EET is detected. 

I have NO IDEA if it's possible to update the effect of an item dinamically so the OP319 restriction could be updated from 9491 to 214300 when EET is detected, I will be for sure more elegant, but I have no clue if it's possible and how to do it.

For what's it's worth, all seems to work both in SoA and EET: Neiros Gallantar and Cespenar will upgrade correctly the items, the items are usable by the "right" Kivan both in BG2EE and EET.
Hi, thank you for your work. Is your fork available somewhere please ?


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On 10/20/2022 at 7:04 PM, Mordekaie said:

@Frenzgyn Would you recommand to install your fork instead of the v17 until the v18 is released ?

Sorry for being extremely late, I totally miss your question.

NOPE, I don't reccomand my fork over v17, not because there is real risk it will break anything, but because it will for sure create confusion on reports and in debugging, expecially for big EET installations. That's the reason why I didn't put up a direct link here till yesterday, when I was directly asked for.

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On 1/16/2023 at 6:08 PM, Frenzgyn said:

It is, but keep in mind it's totally amateurish, for personal use. It was just a clumsy attemp at fixing something that annoyed me. I hope that at some point, someone skilled have time to take care of the issue. Here is the link: https://github.com/Frenzgyn/Kivan_and_Deheriana

Thank you, I currently have Kivan in my BGEE party and still pondering bringing it back in BG2EE.

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15 hours ago, jastey said:

@Frenzgyn You could change the version number in the tp2 of your fork to something like ~vxx Frenzgyn edit 0.1~

This will be addressed in the original download eventually, but someone needs to have time for it, first.


There is no hurry on my part.
It's a miracle the community is still alive and old mods are still mantained and, honestly, they are not game breaking issues, so I am totally fine: it will be adressed when it will be addressed.
I would have gladly "adopted" a few projects, but unfortunately I am almost illiterate in IE Modding and don't have enough spare time, I forget things faster than I could learn 😆 . Real life always takes its tolls.

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