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Ok, I have been posting this request at some other forums and had to come here as well, :)


I am collecting tilesets so people can downlaod them, I am also making many of my own, but I need help. I am not asking for months of your time, mostly if you have any lying around, please post them in the fan art forum* here


If everyone that is still moding today donated 1-3 tiles that could easly add up to 1500 tiles! I would say that is a good start. It takes aprox. 3 Hr. for the ones that I have to reconstruct. I am not even asking for that, cut out a statue or a free standing house, roof tops, coloumns, arches, a boat. I could go on and on, but there is 100's of things in bg iwd and pst, and other games that might work too.


If you would like to see new quality areas, and understand that not everyone is professional 3d artist, then I think that this is about the only way, or we could just reuse beregost again. :undecided:


*the only things I ask is that it is the only thing in the image (no boxes or ground) tree leaves can still remain if you are not able to remove them.

*that anti-Alias be off (highly suggested

*and you rar or zip decent format images not gif or jpg.



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No problem on the OT (it wasn't btw :undecided: ) I was wondering if people needed that. I'll make one up soon and post it, as far as cutting them out it is pretty easy, comming up with a plan as to where to put them takes ones imgaination.

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Guest The_Swordalizer

@ Domi - There's a good tutorial in the IETME readme that taught me everything I know about cutting out features from existing mapsets. I don't have the net at home yet so I can't upload the ones I've done :undecided:

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Bah IETME is horrable for graphic minipulation. get the gimp if you do not have psp or ps or do not have the money for them. But if you would like that, I have rewriten it up to the scripting section (because I cant understand it nor want too) so it is a easier to read and understand just ask and I can e mail it to you.


anyway I have finnished my tutorial for tilesets you can grab it here http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showtopic=823 there is also a word doc at the bottom with pic's

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I do not know whether my opinion is of any use, but isn't the main and the most beautiful feature of new areas that they are, actually, *new*?


What would be the point of cutting and re-creating? I remember, when I played "The Darkest Day", I got shivers any time I saw a Planescape\Icewind Dale area, meaning that was not pleasant at all.


I understand that it is tilesets you are talking about, not actually whole areas, but to me, every familiar tileset(save a very-very small one) is already jarring. Here are two perfect example of that:





(second and third screenshot)

I have already seen and memorized these places\tilesets\statues\rooms\areas, and for me, as a player, the enjoyment decreases drastically.


And here is (to me) a good example(because it more or less looks like a new area):


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Nobody argues that it is better to have a new area rather than reuse an old one. The problem is that the graphical talent is not exactly readily available to create bran-new art the moment a modder clapped his hands. Yep, a graphic artist who can make everything new and on Bio level is a dream. Not a dream... more than a dream... it's like... like... I do not know. Meeting an elf in a neighberhood park?

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Meeting an elf in a neighberhood park?


(droooool) No, meeting *that* elf in a neighbourhood park! :)



Right, I rest my case - it's probably only my opinion that no new areas is better than having ones that remind existing ones closely. But the idea of sharing one another's tilesets very much reminds me of next topic in this forum, "draconian copyright restrictions." If stealing somebody's NPC content is wrong, why stealing somebody's tileset (and I believe such cases will appear sooner or later, if not already) is right?

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How will you check? The artwork could have been stolen, re-used and re-painted time and again. For example, I've recently learned that some BG portrait sites use stolen images, namely from deviantART. I never knew that. There's no guarantee it won't(hasn't) happen with tilesets.

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Yep, it's just I am talking of (possibly) somebody sending *other* people's tilesets there - either of malice or with intentions that tilesets are expected to be free. But then again, I am a very paranoid person.

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I guess what Kulyok means that a person who submitted the tiles might have just taken someone elses and submitted that under his name. And there is no guarantee that it could not have happened, but in all honesty, we do know pretty much everyone who do that work and can list them on the fingers of both hands with thumbs to spare.

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