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The Gorgon's Eye (Thieves Guild in Beregost Mod)

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Mod Overview

The Gorgon's Eye is a content mod for BG:EE and EET that adds an underground thieves den into the town of Beregost. It contains new quests, characters, stores and items. The area can be accessed immediately after leaving Candlekeep and is open to all players, excluding those with a lawful-good alignment.

After enlisting in the Gorgon's Eye, you'll find yourself undertaking tasks that align with the operations of a typical thieves guild. You'll be expected to engage in activities such as theft, extortion, smuggling, and bounty hunting. However, it's worth noting that there are some satisfying options for good and neutral-aligned players. If at any point you find the guild's ways aren't to your liking, you have the option to switch allegiances and aid the City Watch in a raid against the Gorgon's Eye.

The component "NPC Character Portraits" will let you choose how many characters you want to have portraits.

The component "Add more pickpocketable items" will distribute random treasure to many generic npcs. (Commoners, nobles, etc.)


Within the shadow-veiled alleys of Beregost, a new undercurrent of danger has begun to rise.

Once a member of the elusive Shadow Thieves, Baldwin "The Butcher" Glendale found himself ensnared in a web of betrayal, leading to his banishment from the brotherhood he had long served. In a cold and calculated response, he exacted his revenge, mercilessly eliminating those who had turned against him. With the blood of his former comrades still fresh on his hands, he vanished into the night, seeking refuge in the town of Beregost, where he would lay plans for his new reign of terror: the Gorgon's Eye.

Under his ruthless command, he swiftly united the local pickpockets and cutthroats, building a vast network of contacts and spies, their influence creeping through the streets like a poison. As his enveloping shadow spread over Beregost, the city's heart beat with fear and defiance. The citizens, tired of cowering in the darkness cast by this new threat, rose to action. The City Watch, a militia birthed from the courage and desperation of the townsfolk, emerged as a beacon of resistance. Funded and sanctioned by the formidable Flaming Fist, they stand ready to clash with the growing might of the Gorgon's Eye.

Above the immediate fray, a more ominous threat still looms. The Shadow Thieves, lurking just beyond sight, are biding their time, and waiting to unleash their own sinister retribution. As Baldwin and the City Watch vie for control, this specter of the past threatens to plunge Beregost into an even deeper abyss of chaos and darkness. A confrontation is inevitable, and the streets will bear witness to a clash of hidden blades and dark ambitions.

In the midst of this brewing storm, Baldwin eyes a singular path to ascendancy. The Kerykeion, a fabled artifact shrouded in ancient power, emerges as his beacon of salvation. With a secured path to power now within his sights, Baldwin is openly recruiting for his cause, seeking adventures and those with ambitious desires to join the ranks of his guild. As they rally to his banner for the promise of power and wealth, will they prove strong enough to grasp the elusive might of the Kerykeion, or will they merely become pawns in Baldwin's dark designs?

In this game of shadows and intrigue, only the most cunning will prevail.

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Any thief in the party is fine, there won't be any difference with dialog or quests or anything. All you really need is the pickpocket skill. Even then, I guess you could technically just kill the people you need to steal from and not even have a thief at all, if you didn't care about reputation. 😅

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I'm currently clearing Durlag's Tower in Chapter 5, so I don't want to start the game over. Is it possible to teleport through the console to the tunnel behind Feldpost's Inn and start guild quests that way? Or will I have to start a new game?

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9 hours ago, yota13 said:

Congratulations on the long awaited release!

One request: please make traification, to be able to translate the mod.

Sure, I would like to add that feature. I just don't know anything about it though, so I'll need to look into it first. 

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2 hours ago, scheele said:

Thanks you for the your work, it's awesome. And a great idea about the thieves guild.

  Reveal hidden contents

There is a mod (so far only in Russian) that uses a courtesan in Beregost. Can these two mods affect each other?

They won't affect each other because I don't use the ones that are already there,  mine are all new characters.

37 minutes ago, scheele said:

I'm currently clearing Durlag's Tower in Chapter 5, so I don't want to start the game over. Is it possible to teleport through the console to the tunnel behind Feldpost's Inn and start guild quests that way? Or will I have to start a new game?

I don't think so because, if I understand this correctly, once you have been into an area, it won't reference any new files added onto it after that. So, while you could console into the guild area, "h_guilda", any quests that involve new characters in other areas that you have already visited may not spawn.

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For dialogues you can automate the traification with a .bat file.

With this function :

FOR %%f IN (gorgon\dialog\*.d) DO weidu --traify %%f

Your mod must be in the bgee game folder ! (the .bat file too)

The .d files in the dialog folder will be modified with @"" and .tra files will be created in the same folder.


By the way, your mod seems very nice !

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