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How to start IWD in EET


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As of 9/1/2022, I just installed EET (using the EE Mod Setup Tool) with the IWD add on.  Running with the Sandrah mod and most other major mods also.  My question is twofold - first, how do you start IWD?  Secondly, is there a certain point in the game during which I cant start (too early and/or too late)?  

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Actually, I went back and played another toon and found my own answer.  

In the courtyard outside of the Frendy Arms Inn (but inside the castle area) is an individual called Chruin.  He tells you you need to head north and to contact his friend Maladernoth in Ulgoths beard.  You go to Ulgoths beard, and inside one of the back rooms of the Ulgoths beard Inn is  Maladernoth.  You talk to him and after a conversation, you are teleported to IWD.  

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Note - Churin is not inside the FAI - he is outside it in the courtyard of the castle.  And nope, when I went to IWD I had all my gear and when I returned, I again kept all my gear, including all the new stuff from IWD.  It is a very nice, seamless addition to EET.  


I just completed the IWD playthrough.  After I defeated the final "bad guy" and IWD playthrough finished, I was automatically teleported back to the Ulgoths beard Inn where I dialoged a bit with Maladernoth.  Thus IWD is done for me on this playthrough.  Well done and quite fun!  


One issue/question though - Sandrah got two items and <Charname> got one item put in inventory during my IWD playthough and each of these items are "Stuck."  When I click on the items in inventory, I get the dreaded "This item cannot be removed."  The two items in Sandrahs inventory are The Storming Shield +3 and the Celebrants Blade - and the item stuck in <Charname>s inventory is a set of red plate armor named "Bathed in Blood."  Is there a program recommended that would work with EET that allows character modification so I can either delete these items or just setting each of their flags to "removeable" or some such?  I tried EEKeeper with no luck....  Ultimately the game is still quite playable but it would be convenient to get the inventory slots back.  🙂 


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further clarification.
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For EET, must IWD1 be accessed in the BG1EE part?  What about SoD, SoA, or ToB?

Must we download Heart of Winter (HoW) in EET separately?  Tipun seemingly separated it from the rest of IWD1 in EET.

Is Tipun's IWD in EET series compatible with Trials of the Luremaster in EET (Argent77)?


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Shameless copy/paste google translation from the OP post at arcanecoast by @tipun

Hope you don't mind posting it here. Pretty sure there will be a lot of interest outside the Russian  language. 

Going to install it myself soon and try to include Trials of Luremaster  and Heart of Winter modules, as well as some other BG mods if I can get them to be working together.

STEP 1. Installing BG1EE:

  • set BG1EE + SoD ( )

Next in the folder with BG1EE + SoD step by step do the following:

  • download, unpack, install setup-bgeetextpackeetnames - modified p_zombie and paladin84 BG1-EET translation from prozh v1.12 with the exception of substitutions incompatible with EET and bringing names and titles in line with the BG2EE translation from Si1ver, as well as assembling the necessary fonts and an additional component for removing the Russian voice of BG1EE
  • download, unpack, install setup-sodrus - translation of SoD (0.07-v9) excluding EET-compatible substations

STEP 2. Installing BG2EE:

  • set BG2EE ( )

Next in the folder with Bg2ee step by step do the following:

  • download, unpack, install setup-bg2eer - BG2EE translation from Si1ver, as well as assembling the required fonts
  • download, unpack, install setup-eet - the current version of EET 13.4 with all previously included edits, corrections and edited translation
  • download, unpack, install setup-iwd1_eet - current version of IWD1 for EET
  • download, unpack, install setup-iwd2_eet - current version of IWD2 for EET
  • download, unpack, install setup-icewind_eet - mod for switching and activating IWD1 & 2 in EET
  • *optional: install a file setup-EET_gui in the BG2EE folder ( alternative interface in the style of SoD )
  • *optional: download, unzip, install setup-pPE - Portraits Portraits Everywhere mod, adding portraits to non-acceded game characters
  • download, unpack, install setup-subrace - Subrace mod for selecting subras from IWD2 when creating a character
  • set the final closing file setup-EET_end in the BG2EE folder
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Trials of Luremaster  and Heart of Winter modules are already included, I think !


- BGEE mod to install prior EET



- Early mods

- IWD1-EET ..........Maybe it's better to use these re-uploads instead of those in the first post of Arcane coast

- IWD2-EET ..........Maybe it's better to use these re-uploads instead of those in the first post of Arcane coast

- Other Mods

- icewind_eet

- BP-BGT-Worldmap

- worldmap_iwd_eet 

- Subrace and late mods

- EET_End


You need to download those files and add them to :

IWD1 main folder - Link - (patch not yet included in IWD1-EET)

IWD2 main folder - Link - (patch not yet included in IWD2-EET)


- Access to the IWD1...... Ulgoth's Beard Inn (fireplace)

You must be in chapter 6, I think but I am not sure...

- Access to IWD2......... Copper coronet (near Nalia)

Same, you must reach a certain chapter but don't know which one

IWD2 transition is not working yet, so after be send to an area with absolutly nothing, you have to go through the console and enter the CLUA for "Targos".

The English language seems to be complete


Tipun is busy with other things not related to modding, so maybe it will take some long time before further update...


Some links to some post related :

- Post with re-upload mentioned above

- Post with patch mentioned above

- Page with info mentioned above

...Don't hesitate to add more info if you have some...


- IWD1-EET....Full Russian and English, (German, Spanish and French are included but not for transition, journal and other stuff)

- IWD2-EET....Full Russian and English


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pretty sure Heart of Winter is an optional thing. in the OP its is mentioned behind a spoiler tag :

*" Regarding the HOU ( let's just say this is the version of alpha 0.001, but the playable ). Due to the pulling of resources from the main mod, there may be a certain number of extra files that will in no way affect the operation of the game. The only limitation, if installed on the EET, the mod must be set after the EET and before installing the Trials of the Luremaster mod from Argent77. Otherwise, mod does not affect game files that could affect compatibility with other mods.""

Then again I might be miss understanding this bit of google translated stuff. I hope your right tho! save meddling with the install guide. 

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