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Grey's items


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I like Grey and I love the fact that there are a number of different items you can equip him with.

Just one minor opinion, is that the various items sold by Taerom in Beregost should rather be custom-ordered through dialogue, than available by default in his store. 

It seems a little unrealistic (sorry for using that term) that a blacksmith would stock gear suited for a war dog. Not that many war dogs running around after all.

You could have an interaction between Grey and Taerom, after which he offers to make some custom armor for the dog, etc.

Same if there are other vendors which offer "war dog stuff" (I haven't seen others yet).

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Thanks for your feedback!

Taerom will make two special war dog items via dialogue. The others are more "standard" equipment.

While I see your point, offering gear to purchase needs to meet an optimum between easy attainability for players vs. realistic scarcity. if you say that it would be ok for Taerom to make the items if talked to, I do not really see an improvement to hide these options behind more dialogue choices.

What I already did is give the vendor on the Nashkel Carnival less powerful gear than can be found with the vendor at the BG Carnival after a tester pointed out that it doesn't feel special if the powerful war dog gear can be purchased all over the place.

Taerom basically has war dog gear because in my head canon, war dogs are not that rare in Faerûn (I admit that in the game they are), plus it's the first main smithy the player meets in the game who also offers a lot of other special equipment, also added by mods. Compared with the mod added vendors, his war dog gear is rather basic.

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