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New Baldur's Gate 2 EE-style English Game Text Update available!

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I think I'd rather amend the text to match the original VO for string 59166. 

This means cutting the string short, but the trade off is good enough for me since words ("...while you enter death with questions unanswered!") are far from essential.

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Hi again...

Thanks to @lefreut help and his script, I've been able to compare all the audio files differences between the French* and the English localizations. And I'm here to share the result with you, most of the early matches are not very interesting, since they came from inherited BG1 audio files, but the later ones have a few interesting bits that you might find useful.

Oh, and be aware that this comparison was made with the EE games, so... it might have some inconsistencies with vanilla.

* Extended French localization mod, CorrectfrBG2EE

@4764 add [NTHUG01]
@4765 add [NTHUG02]
@4839 [DELVS01] -> [DELSV01]
@4842 [DELVS02] -> [DELSV02]
@4843 [GANTO01] -> [GANDL01]
@4844 [GANTO02] -> [GANDL02]
@4898 [MTOWN03] -> [MTOWN02]
@4986 [AMB_E14A] -> [FLAMN02]
@5482 [TASLO00] -> [TASLO01]
@9564 delete [AJAN04]
@9569 delete [AJAN03]
@9595 delete [AJAN03]
@9800 [SSWORD33] ? ? ? (I'm not sure about that one)
@12433 [STORE05] -> [SURGN03]
@12434 [STORE06] -> [SURGN04]
@12532 [DELVS03] -> [DELSV03]
@12533 [DELVS04] -> [DELSV04]
@12534 [GANTO03] -> [GANDL03]
@12535 [GANTO04] -> [GANDL04]
@12570 [DWARF05] -> [AMNSO05]
@12571 [DWARF06] -> [AMNSO06]
@13241 delete [[CHIL]
@38463 add [CEFALD13] (nearly the same as @11141, I believe it could fit just by adding a few words in the text without denaturing it, at least it works in French)
@58266 [ellesi17] -> [ELLESI17]
@61534 add [EDWIN91] (match perfectly)
@61537 add [EDWIN92] (match perfectly)
@61538 add [EDWIN93] (match perfectly)
@64892 add [SAREVO81] (same as @64879, match perfectly)
@65119 add [AERI2530] (same as @65102, match perfectly)
@65278 add [HAER2516] (nearly the same as @65268, besides the missing "*chuckle*" in the text it matches perfectly, since it's also inside the audio, you could add it)
@65428 add [KELD2514] (same as @65409, match perfectly)
@70789 add [SAREVO01] (same as @64071, match perfectly)
@73100 [SENPIR04] -> [SENPRI04] (already stated by @skellytz)
@73287 add [AMMAYO12] (same as @66836, match perfectly)

Edit: Oh, and [JAHEIRB2] (@27405) should be cut, the content is already present inside [JAHEIRBX] (@27406).

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@4764 & 4765 seem to be unused lines.

@4839, 4842, 4843 & 4844 were already fixed

@4898, 4986 & 5482 are now fixed

@9564, 9569, 9595, 12433 & 12434 were already fixed

@12532, 12533, 12534 & 12535 are now fixed (the first two strings seem to be unused)

@12570 & 12571 are now fixed but they seem to be unused

@13241, 38463 & 58266 are now fixed

@61534, 61537 & 61538 I have used a sound editor to try to make Edwin's voice sound more female and I think it might be a good idea to do so and restore those .wav files but I think my work is not really that good, especially due to lots of popping after conversion. @skellytzCould you check it out? I have attached the edited .wav files here. You are welcome to make them better or give it a try from scratch. I forgot that there is already VO for Edwina so I cannot really do much about this, unfortunately. (e) Actually I will check if I can find an actress that can impersonate Tress MacNeille.

@64892 - @73287 are now fixed

@27405 has its wav file edited so that the .wav file only includes "Stop!"

(e) I gave it a new try and this one is certainly an improvement. I'd go as far as to say that Edwin91 is good enough to be put back the way it is. But the other two files do not satisfy me as much.



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On 8/27/2023 at 9:38 AM, Prozh said:

This is text of Edwin/woman... sounds cannot be used...

Yeah, my bad, I haven't checked EDWINP.DLG beyond the name of it. I'm just reporting changes made by the team.

It's effectively the equivalent of @48541, @48546 and @48547 but for Edwina.

But I may have a solution, replace them with existing Edwina audio files, at least it work with French.

@61534  = ~What is it now?!... So you want me back, do you?~ [EDWINW22]

@61537  = ~Leave me be! I'm glad to finally be rid of you idiots.~ [EDWINW21]

@61538  = ~You are doing nothing for my morale, you know. Wasteful behavior and leaving me like this. Is this to be it, then? (Only a true fool would not realize my importance.)~ [EDWINW04]

Maybe some other audio file will fit even better in English.

Another solution could be AI voice cloning, RVC, Elevenlabs, etc. You can create faithful models pretty effectively in English. Unfortunately this is not the case for other languages yet, at least in French, which is rather disappointing.

Oh, and you forgot to mention @9800  [SSWORD33], is it already in BG2 vanilla? If so, why did Beamdog delete it for the EE?

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@Jazira, @9800 uses no SSWORDxx.wav file because it seems there is not the right one ("We got a gusher!") available. The one you mention ([SSWORD33]) is a duplicate of [SSWORD71]: "Ooo, throw a coin in that fountain! Hahahahaha!"

Edited by Salk
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17 hours ago, Salk said:

@Jazira, @9800 uses no SSWORDxx.wav file because it seems there is not the right one ("We got a gusher!") available. The one you mention ([SSWORD33]) is a duplicate of [SSWORD71]: "Ooo, throw a coin in that fountain! Hahahahaha!"

Strange, [SSWORD33] (@9800) and [SSWORD71] (@6442) both exist in French BG2 vanilla, and are not the same at all.

Who knows... 

@9800  = ~Ah ! Haha, voilà qui me convient !~ [SSWORD33]

@6442  = ~On va voir ça, tout de suite !~ [SSWORD71]

Yeah, the French translated dubbing is often terrible, especially Lilarcor's one. But why [SSWORD33] was added in French only is a mystery.

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