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Thanks for the suggestion about UI mod. I will ask there.

Nevertheless, I think it could be restored in the fix-pack, even as a subcomponent. Maybe it is not a content bug, but I feel it is more like a user experience bug.

@Graion Dilach what do you mean by a spacebar? Do you mean "Continue" button? Well, in the current game it forces you to move down a mouse over the button and then move up to choose dialog options. It is really annoying in comparison to oBG2.

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No, I mean the actual spacebar on the keyboard. Unlike the classics, you can get through any dialogues with the keyboard in the EEs - both classics and EEs accept the numeric buttons for player responses, but only the EEs accept spacebar for Continue.

These days I don't even bother with the mouse at all in a dialog tree unless there are 9+ responses.

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I see it as a feature that not clicking anywhere inside the whole text box will end / continue the dialogue. It would lead to me jumping over texts unintentionally, repeatedly. For me, reducing the clickable area to the actual Continue button is a good feature, not a bug that needs a fix.

I also see this rather in a tweak or GUI mod.

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I see your points, and I agree with you. Skipping dialogs by clicking the window is just my old habit, so I would need to change it. I forgot about space key, I will try it next time. However, implementing such tweak could be nice addition for old engine players. :)

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