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If you save and reload, or change area, the information for this identifier doesn't get saved. Argh.


Don't look at me that way, I needed it saved for the coding of multi-familiars mod :undecided:


On the same line of though, all Objects of the LastAttacker, LastSeen etc. are probably lost when you save and reload (in case they're needed stored).

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Hmm. That would kind of suck, and also mean my own familiar tutorial is.. well.. generally useless :undecided:


Though, I am sure I've moved areas, and even done a save/quit/load cycle, and LastSummoner still worked.

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I used this test script on a Planetar:



Imoen casts summon planetar, and starts displaying "I'm sorry, I know none of these" above her head.

Quick-save, quick-load, and no more string displaying.


On a more trivial basis, there appears not to be space for the summoner information in the .cre structure, unless I'm mistaken.

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I believe LastSummonrOf, being an object type, was stored in the "object bytes". There are 5 of these bytes, iirc.

Avenger or devsin would probably be able to confirm/deny this at the drop of a hat.

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There are "functional spec" fields, yeh. The one problem nobody's ever been able to explain, however, is that if they store things like LastSummonerOf, where is the identity of the other creature stored? That, and I don't think I've ever seen the fields used.

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poisson.dm.unipi.it/~bigiani/MD4006.ARE Area from a saved game with a saved Planatar in it; it's the only actor in it. It was summoned by Imoen, whose creature has death variable ModPGA (from the Return to Trademeet Mod).

Now, tell me where would be stored the summoner's name. All unknowns are zeroed out, and all of that.


EDIT CAUSE CROSSPOST: SimDing0, you took the words from me :undecided:

Functional Specs have only 5 bytes at their disposal, so, unless you use some kind of compression, a script name will never fit in. That, and they're zeroed out.

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The problem with the 'functional bytes' is that, they are 5 bytes.

You cannot store reference to 5 objects on just 5 bytes.

I believe all object references are lost over save.

Also, all tokens (which was quite inconvenient for DLTC).

The unselectable flag isn't saved either.


I think we should have a list of unsaved stuff. Just make sure, it is correctly tested. The engine version might also be important.

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