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Greetings to all,

I would like to introduce you to my very first mod and I am happy that it is one for BG:EE.

This is an item mod that contains 2 enchanted katanas and 1 armor for a Wizard Slayer. All items are only equippable for the Wizard Slayer fighter subclass at level 4.

The items can be bought from the merchant Erdane in the Durlags Tower area(outside of Durlags Tower). The trader sells the items directly from his stock (no dialogue options). Regular price is thousands of gold per item.

This mod is fanfiction.

It supports the following languages

  • English
  • Deutsch

For more information, see the following link on GitHub:

Special Thanks
Thanks to "The Gibberling 3" forum users who helped me with hints and information:

  • CamDawg
  • Graion Dilach
  • jmerry
  • subtledoctor
  • kjeron
  • AL|EN
  • Endarire
  • Jastey
  • argent77
  • Bubb
  • suy


For more information, see the repository's readme on GitHub!

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Congrats on release! 


I found minor issue: the %MOD_FOLDER% must be replaced here with 'akgear' until this bug will be fixed: https://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=29521.msg340868#msg340868

	~English~	// Language
	~English~	// Directory
	~Deutsch~	// Language
	~German~	// Directory


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Posted (edited)

@Endarire Thanks for the question. I'll deal with it as soon as I find time to do so. At the moment there is a problem with the naming in the files in combination with Modmerge. That's what I'm concentrating on for now, because it makes the mod "unplayable"(When Modmerge isn't used, at least the naming and description of the items seem to go crazy).

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Ok, the issue with modmerge is resolved as follows:

There are known issues when installing SOD as DLC for BG:EE

Here is a solution:

  •     Before "Akun's Gear" is installed(If it is already installed, uninstall it before installing SOD by launching "Setup-akgear.exe".):
  1.         SOD needs to be installed as BG:EE DLC
  2.         and after that modmerge needs to be installed.
  • Here is my fast installation guide for modmerge, but possibly the official installation guide is recommended.


EET compatibility verification is currently a topic for another day.

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DLCMerger is the newest version of Modmerge, it's just standard WeiDU mod. It comes without annoying bug where restoring game from backup would still mark it as 'modmerged'.

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Thank you all for your commitment and your kind words!

Now I found some time for this topic and finally updated the repo.

Before that I had a little look at the zip file and it makes quite a bit of sense to use WeiDU to merge the DLC zip file since these are actually nothing more than files that WeiDU also processes with mods (after my previous experience).

Of course, I didn't review all of the code because, given my amateur-level knowledge of WeiDU, it would probably take me a week full-time to understand most of the lines.

Against this background, I tested the DLC Merger and came to the conclusion that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages (e.g. disadvantage: many options during installation. I'm more of a fan of the KISS principle. That means: download, Start the file for installation with a double click and then start the game ).

That being said, there is one option that I don't quite understand which is "Merge user-defined DLC". Could someone please give me a specific custom DLC or example so I understand what this option really means? Does that mean there are mods that need to be converted to zip and then unzipped by DLCmerger?

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8 minutes ago, Incrementis said:

That being said, there is one option that I don't quite understand which is "Merge user-defined DLC". Could someone please give me a specific custom DLC or example so I understand what this option really means? Does that mean there are mods that need to be converted to zip and then unzipped by DLCmerger?

DLC Merger was originally created with the DLC Builder in mind, which allows you to create DLC archives out of your own modded games (as a quick way to send it to other players, e.g. for multiplayer sessions). In most cases only the first option (Merge "Siege of Dragonspear" with BG:EE) is relevant for the player.

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Thank you argent77 for the explanation. It helps me a lot to understand things a little better.

Hi @jastey , I have seen these lines of code in endlessbg1 mod(and in many more repos in your GitHub profile):

ACTION_IF ((FILE_EXISTS ~dlc/sod-dlc.zip~) OR (FILE_EXISTS ~sod-dlc.zip~)) THEN BEGIN
  FAIL @1002 /* ~Modmerge or Argent's DLC Merger is required before mods can be installed on this game.~ */

It inspires me to write my own version, but I want to use it in the worst case when I can't realize my own version. Is this OK for you??

And a general question about your codes in mods: do you allow usage or are there some restrictions?

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It's quite common to take other mods as templates, so feel free to use code you see in my mods. If it comes to own written functions (like from argent77, DavidW, CamDawg) they are either posted here in the Tutorials section or there it is courtesy to aks before using them.

Otherwise, copy away! - My newer mods might be examples for dialogue writing and maybe quest design, but I am not good at tp2 ninja-ing.

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The problem regarding SOD and Modmerge/DLCmerger is solved as follows:

The system checks whether SOD may be installed. In this case, a warning is given in German and English.

This took me longer than I expected because WeiDU works a little differently than "normal" programming languages. In addition, I like to understand things at the level of graduation before I use them. Because my intention was to implement it differently and I'm still an amateur.


@Endarire Next I will try to make it EET compatible. I would be grateful if you could help me with some information.

  1. What version of EET is needed and where to find EET (worst case this could lead me to the wrong repository if no help is offered.)
  2. A guide on how to install EET would be helpful, assuming it's different than installing a regular mod. Could you direct me to an installation guide?
  3. Could you please give me a mod name or link that does the compatibility check regarding EET? This would help tremendously to understand the concept.

This matter will take a lot of time, possibly more than 2 months, as I am busy with "work" commitments at the moment.



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