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Importing SP-generated characters

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Some time ago I decided to create two characters (Archer of Sylvanus and Wushi Ninja) to play with later some time.


Since then major changes have been done to my PC and a new installation of Baldur's Gate 2 has been made.


The SP version used when I created my two characters was 5, the one used later was 6. When I tried importing my two characters, the game didn't recognize them as Wushi Ninja and Archer of Sylvanus but one generic druid and thief.


I have cared about making very nice characters without cheating and now I can't afford losing them.


Any idea about how this happened ? Is it because the two SP versions mismatch now ? Or does it depend on the order I install Mods ?


Can you please tell me if there is a way I can edit back my character exactly the way they were ? Thanks!

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Thank you very much for your reply, Grim.


Unfortunately I am pretty much illiterate about modifying anything and I have no idea about how to use a script to AddKit()...


I don't mean to bother you but can you perhaps try and explain how I should do it exactly ?


I have just tried Shadowkeeper but it doesn't report those SP kits I have installed... :thumbsup:

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Yes, a problem with kit mods is that it's hard to transport them across save games or imports. As kits get installed, they get added to kit.ids in the order installed and are assigned a sequential number. This number is what gets attached to the creature file. When you reinstall kits in a different order (or exclude some, or include others), these references to kit.ids get mixed.

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Any suggestions then, CamDawg, about how to fix this problem ?


I intend to play first BG1 TuTu and then ToB with one SP Kit character, but you can undestand it'd piss me off to realize that once I finish TuTu I cannot import my character to continue to the second game with it... :thumbsup:

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As NM suggested, you'll need to use NI. Open up your save game, find your PC and look for the kit field in the creature file and change it to C!WushiN (Wushi Ninja) or C!ArcSyl (Archer of Sylanus), as appropriate. The other SP kits are C!SylMys (Sylvan Mystic), C!BladeM (Blade Master), C!DeathK (Death Knight), and CDARFIST (Arcane Fist).

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Okay...First I must have been using a faulty version of Near Infinity because no matter what I did, I could not visualize any properties of any kind of file save the .bmp ones.


However, I have then downloaded and used the Beta version, this time with profitable results. The kit had been given back and now everything is in order under this aspect.


I have a major problem with TuTu but this is not the place for it...Thanks,CamDawg and NiGHTMARE for the nice tips!

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