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Klatu tweak for free action or item pack free action?

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2 hours ago, Mordekaie said:

Any issue between Klatu's Free Action and Spell Revisions?

- GraionDilach about compatibility with Spell Revisions: "If you (plan to) use Spell Revisions, then don't, the two aren't compatible. SR already does some changes on that front and they just collide."


I've used these together every time I've played the game in the last 5+ years. is the spell borked and I just never noticed? Glancing at stuff... Klatu Free Action gives immunity to op126, and SR haste uses op176 to speed you up, so that should work fine. Not sure if any SR spells slow down movement speed... EDIT Ice Storm does, and it uses op126 so Klatu Free Action will work there... am I missing something? (Always possible!) I would love to know more details.

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On 10/15/2023 at 4:17 PM, 4udr4n said:

Item pack looks great but does not state EE or EET compatibility, Klatu works well and is compatible.

Hi! I got your PM but will reply here so it's more visible, as it's the thing I'm asked the most. Item Pack was already technically compatible with the EEs but the item descriptions were botched. I just uploaded a new version that should take care of this problem and make it fully compatible. Update topic here at G3 should follow shortly when approved by a moderator.

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The BGT/Tutu BG1 component doesn't apply to EET or BGEE, the BG2 components should work.

EDIT: Actually, BGEE is supposed to work, but if an item is supposed to be added to an area, then the BGEE areas aren't considered. It's a very hit-or-miss even on BGEE and the file check will allow the component installed to install to EET as well, but at best it just adds the items to wrong maps, and at worst it throws an install error.

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6 hours ago, 4udr4n said:

Excellent, thanks!

Sorry to be a pain, but does this mean you would expect EET compatibility as well? I am keen to test if so.

Can't really test it myself, I 'd welcome your input if you're willing to try it out. As Graion said, I expect nothing game breaking if it doesn't work.

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