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Claim on reddit - truth or lie?

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I'll give you a hint to try something the next time you get to demogorgon. Seal the prison, then get out with Demo help, send the knights to their deaths and go away to adventure for like a week or two. When you come back to watchers keep something funny will happen. (source: https://www.reddit.com/r/baldursgate/comments/1ax5ude/comment/krlwm5m/

So... what is supposed to happen ?


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From the Watcher's Keep area script: 


    DisplayStringNoNameHead(Player1,73862) // 'The ritual scroll given to you by Odren crumbles into dust before your eyes.'

Seems legit enough. Cool, never knew this was a thing.

Creature file points to the same dialogue, presumably he just repeats his last message before fighting him inside.

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I was using Imoen because I have Imoen Romance. 

I can tell you one thing - if not for that mod, Imoen is barren in content, and I would have thought about sacrificing her.I played the game in my native language, and added mods in English so I could realize how much of what I've played is original content. Basically, even the banters in ToB between Imoen and Sarevok were added by Imoen romance.

I just feel happy that in my next playthrough I won't be forced to go to Spellhold asap and kinda cheese my way going there just to experience the mod.

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15 minutes ago, RoyalProtector said:

BG1NPCProject does a really good job at fleshing out Imoen convincingly.

I will admit though that it was a bit disappointing that in BG2 after rescuing her, she has no interactions with any quest. I think she has banters, but completely unvoiced?

I may be misremembering.

IIRC, she has no banters in SoA: she was going to be killed, but that idea was scrapped late in devolepment and thus ended up with no interactions with the other NPCs.

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21 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

I mean, BG1NPCProject gives her a bunch of lines, and the BG1 mod-added NPCs I’m using pay a lot of attention to her (especially Breagar, Brandock, Finch). In SoD/BG2 she is supposed to be absent for 75% of the game and a literal broken soul after that. 

I dislike BG1 npc project. I think it needs a revisioning to make it on par with the quality of the recently released banter and npc mod. The guy here explains in detail why I don't enjoy it: https://smolderingmodsbar.com/bg1-npc-project/#:~:text=The BG1 NPC Project is absolutely worth playing through at,one have my infinite respect.

as for Soa and Throne of Bhaal, I would recommend Imoen Romance, if it didn't bug on me twice.

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NGL the entire idea of "Imoen Romance" turns me off, to the point that I honestly haven't even investigated what, exactly it contains. Romance? With Imoen? No thank you, sir.

(It's not just about that particular mod - I don't think Imoen is actually Charname's sister according to any reasonable definition of the term. But I install mods that turn off all romances, period. I'm bothered by the very idea of the way "romances" play out in the very short course of these games. In fact, in my current game I have been a bit concerned that there is a bug because Neera went from reliably and frequently interjecting to complete, stony silence. But I think it is just that the "no romances" mod stopped her from continuing her talks - I guess Beamdog only included romantic banters for her, and no friendship track? Which is rather stupid.)

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