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An Extra Holy Symbol for Viconia?

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My favorite Exploit: If Viconia has her Holy Symbol before you lose her to Bodhi, (This happened because I did Watcher's Keep before finishing the first half of the game) she will get another one when you restore her to life.  Like the Rings of Gaxx, they are cumulative.  As if Viconia wasn't one of the most powerful NPCs to begin with...

This is from the neverending Goddam elves thread at PPG. I would expect Anomen and Aerie to also have this "exploit." I'd call it a bug myself, no-one is supposed to get two holy symbols.

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I just saw this on the BioWare site, and it looks like a bug to me.  We should get rid of it. :)

Throne of Bhaal is indeed a huge mistake, but it does seem to be what the developers intended. :)


...or was that link supposed to go somewhere else?

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