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How to change lighting in an area?

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Some parts of Temple of the Forgotten God (IWD:EE) have bright lighting and I would like to change this if possible.

I noticed there's various files associated with graphics for areas (MOS, TIS, BMP).

Is there an existing process to change the lighting in specific parts of an area (e.g. make it darker)?


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What exactly do you mean by darker?

The so called light map ("xx1234LM.bmp) defines how "light" the areas are, i.e. how much the group members / characters are illuminated when walking in certain areas.

Changing the graphics needs an edit of the area art.

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@jastey Thanks, I mean changing the light source. For example, in the centre of the image, the ground is illuminated in the middle of the room.

How easy is it to change the graphics of the area to remove that light effect?

And is it easy to edit the "light map"?

Having trouble trying to find resources for this (if one exists).

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10 minutes ago, pete_smith1229 said:

How easy is it to change the graphics of the area to remove that light effect?

The area is a pre-rendered image file, so you should export the relevant tis-file (it should be AR3602.tis) as a png using NI and then edit it with an image editing tool of your choice, such as Photoshop or Gimp. Then you have to convert it back to tis format using NI.

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