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A Frequently Asked Question

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I think this is the most frequently asked question in regards to this mod: why Deheriana's Restoration depends on the presence of one of these two characters in the party? Why not Anomen, Jaheira and Viconia? And: Is it obvious in the game?


Here are my reasons:


Firstly, and most importantly: Deheriana's resurection is an evil descision. I have added some dialogue to make it clearer in the latest versions. Kivan is in the wrong, and he does what he does out of fear. The question is, could he, for once be simply lucky, the luxury he never had before, always recieving the double-edged gifts? My answer is, he can, and the randomness of luck is represented by him having a friend in the adventuring party who just can reach Deheriana, when Kivan himself fails.


Secondly: Restoring Deheriana is not a spell-casting kind of action (unlike her ressurection). It's simple emotional warmth directed by a stranger at Kivan and herself that tips the scale.


Why Cernd and Aerie?


I was looking for chracters with a) strong healing (not spell-casting power, but character feel) b) non-judgemental and c) warm to Kivan personally. Aerie is my strongest candidate, due to her story of healing a child she does not know anything about, her heart's goodness remaining unchanged, non-embittered while exposed to cruelty. She also immediately recognizes Kivan as an elder-brother type figure, and their relationship is quite cordial. Cernd is a character whose very warm potential was imo never explored in the game, and I thought it to be an ideal chance for him to show his quality. Another important thing for me was his backstory, where he leaves his wife and it results in her death. This imo will enable him to understand and not berate Kivan's efforts to not let go of his loved one. And, Kivan and Cernd form a good solid friendship.


Why not Jaheira?


The strongest reason of them all is that every time Jaheira faces with the ressurection and restoration - both in Khalid's and Sarevok's cases - she is adamantly against it. While she makes an effort, when Deheriana is ressurected, to see if there is anything there left of the living woman, she does not continue, because there is too much in her that is against it. Also, this will be putting Jaheira in a terrible situation, again, regarding Khalid. i don't think it can be developped, without writing additional suit of talks for Jaheira, especially if Jaheira romances PC.


Why not Anomen?


He just don't get enough patience, enough understanding. He is young, rush and far from being infinetly kind. The game also suggests that Anomen is a racist, so the whole elven dilemma will imo irritate him - elves who whine about something weird while humans have to deal with real troubles, real evil etc.


Why not Viconia?


By one simple reason - she hates Kivan's guts, and I was to write her reaction it would have ended up as a negative one, that would have sent Deheriana back to hurt Kivan. My veiw of Viconia being extreme, clashing badly with the majority's view, and me not prepared to irritate Viconia's fans, I simply avoid writing anything Kivan-related for Viconia.


Is it obvious from the game?


Yes and no. Character's relationships with Kivan are relatively clearly defined, so I hope that both Aerie and Cernd come across as being on very friendly terms with Kivan, while Jaheira and Anomen both have tensions with him, and Viconia's visible restrain not to go for Kivan's throat is mutual and apparent. Does it need more manifesting than that? I think, not. The mod has endings for all occasions...


And, another reason is that going from 3 to 6 characters will complicate handling of the subplot, which is already pretty convoluted.

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I'll have to take a look. Healer class PC has to be able to have a talk with Deheriana and his intervention is supposed to count the same way Cernd's or Aerie's does. I don't remember now if the talk is Deheriana or PC initiated.

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Uhm? No, that's about bringing Deheriana back to the world of living after she is brought forth from Arvanaith. You ressurect her first via Demin, everyone can do that - or talk Kivan out of it or send him on his way to Arvanaith. But to make her her old self again,you need a bit more of a special influence. Otherwise she expires from longing again. So that's what seems to be glitching for the PC.

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Why would it take a healer-class PC (or Aerie or Cernd) to tell the Elven priestess that *she* must call Deheriana back?


So than if you don't have Cernd or Aerie in your party Deheriana will once again expire and you will lose her and possibly Kivan as well from the group? Well now will have to admit I don't know if I like that idea there. you see I never take a cleric in the party. After playing through it the first time years ago I never seen a reason for a cleric. The reason for which I've not taken a cleric is is for several reason, One such being the fact that there are so many healing potions available throughout the game. not to mention the rings of regeneration, and the rings of gaxx. And if you should need to resurect a party member there are two rods of regeneration. The first you can purchase in the Promenade and the other you can obtain when you go after the actor.


So as you can see a Cleric in SOA/Bhaal is pretty much a waste of a slot due to them being one of the weakest characters in the game.


Also has anyone noticed that Kivan's Bow doesn't give the +1 AC Bonus. Even after you have it upgraded with the braid.




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A healer class for PC includes paladins and rangers as well as clerics and druids. Other perfectly valid and mostly happy solutions are to play a female and romance Kivan, not ressurect Deheriana, not restore her, let Kivan depart at Demin's place, and take Aerie or Cernd along. Each way has its own outcome, it's not game-breaking. Now, the bugginess if it's there will have to be addressed, but I am not fond of the idea of producing a self-repairing Deheriana. There are some things that are simply beyound anyone's control. Even if they are Baahlspawns.

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