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changing an NPC kit


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I'd like to change a kit selection I made for an NPC during installation of Tutu. (I had selected Kensai for Khalid and I'd like to change that to True Class.)


Here's how I have Tutu set up:






Tutu Tweak Pack

BG1 NPC Banter Pack

One Pixel Productions Paper Doll and Item Graphics Fix

BG1 Casting Sounds


At this point can I just run bg1tutu.exe and change only the kit selection for Khalid, leaving everything else the same? Or will this require reinstalling the other mods/enhancements over again?

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Yes, you will have to reinstall the whole thing, uninstall and reinstall TUTU as per the instructions in the ReadMe. Alternatively, for Khalid and few other NPCs you can use TUTU Tweaks (there is a Khalid-Fighter/Mage component there).


That being a very common request, I think it's worthwhile to make a spearate mod that does the kits reinstallation after TUTU is installed :p

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