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Compatibility with Natural Selection?


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I frequently use the Natural Selection mod, which makes several changes to druids, adds a few druid spells, new alignments for druids, etc.


I was wondering how this would react to Divine Remix. I have the nagging feeling to believe it'd mess things up.

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I've got both installed and don't think there is a conflict, I've only played Jaheira so far but she gets some new spells (Suncscorch, Seduction - which I hope are form Natural Selection as I'v got that many mods installed I usually don't remember which bits are from which) but I haven't noticed any big conflicts.

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Indeed, that's the one. It's also available at IEGMC.


Seduction is indeed a new spell introduced by Natural Selection. I feared that multiple changes to a class' spellbook would just muck things up. Raven Song, did you install NS before Divine Remix or after?

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OK, I've gotten a chance to look at NS.


Darkfriend: Standard kit compatibility--if NS is installed after DR, the kits won't have any spells. Otherwise, should be fine.


New Druid Alignment Options: No conflict. If the Druid Remix is installed, you'll see our expanded alignments (LN, NG, TN, NE, CN). If not, you'll see the NS alignments (NG, TN, NE).


New Druid Bow and 2H Profs: This should work as intended.


Druids Start with 2H Prof and New Spells: Bit of a problem. If installed first, then no conflicts but any druid kits from DR won't get these spells or bonus. If installed after DR, then there will be two rows in the CLAB files with the same ABILITY number. I actually don't know how the engine handles this--it may be fine, or it may ignore one of them, or something else.

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I ve just checked my weidu list and Natural Selection is before Divine Remix. I think I decided to always install Divine Remix last, as it seems to install better and less things went "iffy" in game as a result.


Couldn't comment on the effect this has on either of the druid kits as I've not played I usually play rangers, bards or thieves

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I just want to thank both Moongaze and Raven_Song for using Natural Selection. I created the mod, and both Sorcerer's Place and IEGMC were kind enough to host my work. Until I read this thread, I thought that *nobody* but me used the mod - so thanks, you both made me smile today. ;)


Also, to the Divine Remix development team, if you are interested (which you may or may not be), I would be more than willing to allow you to incorporate NS into DR. You all seem to need a few good Druid kits... hehe.


However, some of the changes I implemented in NS might not fit into the "Pen&Paper" aspect of DR. As an alternative to incorporation, if you provide me with whatever it is that I need to know to make NS compatible with DR, I could update NS for compatibility. Honestly I don't know much about the internal workings of DR... guess I could take a look at the tp2... <sigh> ...but that would require work... :)


If you are interested in the thought process behind the changes NS makes, this thread at PPG explains much: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,19397.0.html


a Wounded Lion

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