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I made a great sword! How do I put it on the net?

Guest Doomer The Shadly One

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

Hi there, I made a real nice sword. It's named Firkraag's Burning Horn and it was forged with one of Firkraag's Horn and the fallen red dragon's soul is imprisoned inside it.

It's a Short Sword +5/+5 and it does and additionnal 4d4+4 fire damages. It also grant you immunity to fear while wielding it and it can summons Firkraag's Soul to fight for you once per day but it last only 20 seconds. The sword work well and all. Anyone know of a way for me to put that sword on the net ? I'm sure there is a lots of people who would like to summons a red dragon in baldur's gate 2. My weapons needs 2 files to work, the dragon file and the sword file wich must be both placed in the override folder of BG2 and and I believes if someone downloaded my weapon files he'd need to edit it with Cromwell's Smithy unless he don't care about having no item description so I should also included a text file with the desciption of my sword. So if someone know of a way to put my sword on the web and to solve my item description problem just say it if you wish I mean please...

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Someone asked a near-identical question at SHS.


AUTHOR ~foo@bar.com~
BACKUP ~MyMod/backup~

BEGIN ~Install My Item~

COPY ~MyMod/MyItem.itm~ ~override~
 SAY NAME1 ~The unidentified name of the item~
 SAY NAME2 ~The identified name of the item~
 SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC ~This is the description you see when it's unidentified or not magical.~
 SAY IDENTIFIED_DESC ~The description when the object is identified.~




It's easy. (Change MyMod and MyItem as appropriate.)
  • Download a copy of WeiDU. Rename weidu.exe to setup-mymod.exe and put it in your BG2 directory.
  • Create a folder named MyMod in your BG2 directory. Create a folder inside it named backup.
  • Move your custom items inside the MyMod folder.
  • Copy my text above into a text file. Save it as setup-mymod.tp2 inside your MyMod folder. (If your text editor won't allow you to save it as .tp2, save it as text and then just rename the file.)
  • Double-click setup-mymod.exe to install.

Tada! Your first WeiDU mod. :D


Edit by Grim: Corrected NAME1 (previously said NAME), so that green modders won't get confused.

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

Tank you for helping really. I'm done doing the .tp2 file, what to do I do now ? Could you please tell me what my tp2 file in the mymod folder and the modified WeiDu.exe are used for ? They don't seem to be able to give my item to someone. Maybe I need to put my item in the folder or something you forgot to tell me, is'nt it ? I'm starting to became confused, please help me, what code should I put so my .CRE file get copied along in the override folder ?

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

It's not working I always get a parse.parse_error please help me it say my tp2 file got a parse.parse_error. I tried do modify/delete the line wich the WeiDu tell me there is a parse error but the parse error just jump to the next line. Is the code you gave me really work ? the only line in it wich don't give me a parse error is the Backup line. I ^puted my itm file name in the good place but it wont work please tell me how to fix this cursed parse error and don't think I just tried once and came back whinning on the forum, I tried a lot there is simply something I do not know wich must be done to avoide parse error..........

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

Ok here is it



BEGIN ~Install firkhorn~


BACKUP ~firk1/backup~



COPY ~firk1/firkhorn.itm~ ~override~

SAY NAME ~Short Sword~

SAY NAME2 ~Firkraag's Burning Horn~

SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC ~This short sword is hot when you touch it.~

SAY IDENTIFIED_DESC ~Firkraag's Burning Horn


COPY ~firk1/FIRKRA04.cre~ ~override~


This powerful short sword was forged with one of Firkraag's horn. It seems that the powerful magical ward used to create this item has captured the fallen red dragon's soul inside this sword. And the incredibly strong enchantment wich emane from this sword force the cursed soul into helping the wielder of this blade by fighting for them.




Wielder can summon Firkraag's Soul to fight for him. Last 20 seconds.

Equiped ability:

Immunity to Fear

Thaco: +5

Damage: 1D6 + 5 + 4D4 + 4 fire damages

Damage type: piercing / fire

Weight: 3

Speed Factor: 3

Proficiency Type: Short Sword

Type: 1-handed

Requires: 5 Strength

Not Usable By:




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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

Actually I moved the second line COPY at the bottom so it won't interfere with the description but anyways my error come up way before the tp2 file get read that far...the first line usually tell me parse error...

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

Actually the cote is not missing it is a lots of line farther since my item description can't be only one line is'nt it ? You mean I must put a cote at every line of my item description ? hardly ...please someone who really know about the parse.parse_error just tell me, the parse error actually stop reading my tp2 file at line one at the word CODE. What should I do ?

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

Oh well that's just too bad seems like my computer is not working for modding bg2...no one seems to know why I always get a parse.parse_error at line 1 column 1-3 near CODE

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A few observations:


- get rid of CODE. Not sure where you got there idea it's needed :D.


- the BACKUP line should be before BEGIN.


- that COPY ~firk1/FIRKRA04.cre~ ~override~ in the middle of the description is guaranteed to screw things up :D.


- not a technical correction, but a spelling one: "wich emane" should be "which emanates".

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

Nothing's working, I need someone who actualy know of the parse.parse_error.

It always say syntax error: AUTHOR look here is my modified code:


AUTHOR ~Doomer The Shadly One~

BACKUP ~firk1/backup~

BEGIN ~Install firkhorn~




It does an error about the AUTHOR it say syntax error... alos the BEGIN does the same error when I remove the AUTHOR... so if someone really know maybe my version of WeiDU is out of date or sumething..if someone gets an idea why it won't work for me tell say it...why do I always get the errors wich seems impossible tpo repair..........

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Guest Doomer The Shadly One

I was planning on creating a whole mod for BG2 with new area and all but if I can't seem to make a working WeiDU install I guess I should forget it...welll I'll keep looking in this tread so if someone find out what my error are just tell me..did I need sto intall WeiDU in my bg2 intall folder or only my copied WeiDu.exe into setup-firk1.exe ?

Anything suggestion or idea would be welcome I really start to think it"s my computer who won't do the stuff other computer does like always...

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