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Weapon restrictions


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first of all: This mod is really good (well, nearly perfect). :)


I have just one (or two) question about weapon restrictions of Watcher of Helm.

In the game, you can find one weapon, which seems perfect for this character - Equalizer (Long Sword). So, I would be really happy, if you can change weapon rules for worshippers of Helm. I mean, that you could swap his proficiencies. Forbid Flail/Morning Star (or club or sling!!) and allow him to use long swords.

And probably you could change also his spiritual weapon (from bastard sword to long sword).

To me it seems logical, that this type of priest could use long swords rather than (for example) slings. :O


Long Sword: The Equalizer

Such is the age of this sword that its true origin has been lost to time, but markings hint that it was possibly forged in the service of Helm. Also called the "Sword of Neutrality", it seems designed to seek and terminate extremes, to shift the universe closer to harmonious equilibrium. The further the behavior of a target from true balance, the more potent the damage they suffer.




Always considered +3 when determining what it can hit.

THACO & Damage:

vs True Neutral: +0 to hit, +0 damage

vs Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Neutral +1 to hit, +2 damage

vs Neutral Good, Neutral Evil: +2 to hit, +4 damage

vs other alignments: +3 to hit, +6 damage

Damage type: slashing

Equipped Abilities:

Immune to Charm and Confusion

Weight: 3

Speed Factor: 3

Proficiency Type: Long sword

Type: 1-handed

Requires: 6 Strength

Not Usable By:




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Unfortunately, we don't have that level of fine-grained control. We are experimenting with ways to give some of the clerics different access to miscellaneous weapons without making it a free-for-all and giving them all access to everything. The problem is that it raises serious compatibility concerns--i.e. we can do it but it may make it impossible to use DR with some other mods.

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