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Let me cut in an ask, what is the difference between



See([pc]) ?


Does See handle seeing distance but Detect doesn't?


What is the difference if the script is running in a proximity trigger (which has no seeing distance)

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Detect should be like a See/Hear combo. I think the only real effect is that it doesn't fail if a creature is hidden. I imagine the behavior is identical, regardless of the object running the script (although, I think that all objects actually do have a visual range). Both should only work if the object is in visual range. As far as I understand, Detect() is short and simple for InVisualRange() && !ProtectionFromCreatureType(ME).


Since we're talking [PC], note that it's "sticky" (like LastSeenBy), and you can use [PC] after calling Detect([PC]) (e.g., in IF Detect([2]) Range([2],10) Name([2],"Avenger") THEN DisplayString([2]) Spell([2],2112) Wait(1) Kill([2]) END, [PC] for all the actions should, assuming I'm not just making this up, always target the Detect()ed object). Good for some things, but makes it a bit difficult to switch targeting to another PC with such a generic argument (as far as I could tell, the engine doesn't waste time finding a new [PC] if the previous [PC] target is still valid).

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