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Why does everyone hate me?


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After much deliberation, I finally decided it was time to finish the Nashkel Mines. Naturally, it was an easy prospect considering I had already done every other thing I could find beforehand, so we were all level 7. But a much darker evil met me down in those mines, much worse than any monster...


that is, a technical problem with the game. At least I think it is.


I left the mines okay, actually, and got the reward from Berrun Ghastkill. Then I walked on over to Beregost to say "Hi" to Tranzig, and that's really where the problem started. I tired to briefly remove Branwen from my party, but instead of the usual "Goodbye, goodluck, I'll wait here for you" routine, she says I'm worse than the people she left behind... hmm. Weird. I loaded a save from right after I killed Mulahey, and she left okay then, so whatever's making her throw a hissy fit when I tell her to wait must have happened in Beregost, I guess. Maybe it was getting the reward, I don't know.


To make matters worse, I left Khalid and Jaheira in the Friendly Arm Inn to hang out there in case I needed them, and they've always down as they've been asked and just stood there all day. But when I walk in with Branwen and company after taking out Tranzig, the two leave as soon as I enter the inn. So... I don't know what's up with that. They just leave out the door and never come back.


Now I don't know if these two problems are NPC Project related, TUTU related or otherwse, but do any of you know a way to fix this terrible ailment?

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I think it's simply that your reputation increased beyound the point when Branwen stays and waits for you. She is neutral character and does not want the reputation to be too high. So she leaves forevar if you are in the "neutrals are unhappy" zone :D


The original BG areal script makes Jaheira and Khalid leave if you did not get them before the Nashkel Mines is done. Usually it does not work, but I guess in your case the bug did not occur. :D

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Okay. I guess I'll just say goodbye to Jaheira and Khalid; I never used them, anyway.


But for Branwen, well, I don't know. I used Shadowkeeper to bring my rep down to 16, and yet she still left when I told her to wait. So in the game I killed someone and it brought my rep down considerably. However when I told her to wait, she waited. Do you think it worked because I didn't use an editor to do it, or because 16 is just too high?

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Hi, Ross,

I *think* that it could just be too high, because theoretically it should not matter if you changed it by SK or naturally. Basically this is handled by one of the 2DA files, and maybe someone who has an access to BG1 can look up the exact number for you (my TUTU access is currently difficult). Try SK her alighmnet to Something Good, and see if that helps. I don't remeber if it is defined by alignment, or if it is character specific. :D

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Readme? Pfft, that's for losers, man.


...but, um, thanks. Yeah, I'll SK her alignment to good, or better yet, just use the Happy Patch. I had totally forgotten about it.




Disaster! I tried both the happy patch, and changing her alignment to Good, and yet she still says I'm no better than the Loki spawn she left behind. Naturally, I take great offense to being compared to Loki spawn. Please help me before she hurts my feelings any further!

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Perhaps an incorrect Global has been set somewhere along the way. I remember vaguely that Branwen will say similar things if you offer Mulahey mercy. I'm not sure if you have to avoid fighting him (or even if you can, all my recent run-throughs have been bloodthirsty fellows) or if it just happens if you offer.

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