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I was talking about game engines with one of my friends today and remembered GemRB. I'm really glad to see it's still being worked on.


Anyway, I thought I'd drop by and first apologize for disappearing from DLTC. My unannounced breaks were getting longer and longer, and I just didn't (and still don't) have the time to contribute to modding. I couldn't tell you guys I was giving up--I just kind of hoped someone else would take over and continue. Ah well. That was over a year ago now.


But yeah, so I'm finally using linux and maybe I'll have some time in a few months where I can test out or help GemRB--I know quite a bit more about coding than I used to. I may stick around here.

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I believe I still have a clean backup around from some months ago when Sim and I did a little poking around in administration mode. It would be missing a few posts but it's not like there was a whole ton of active discussion there lately.


(edit: yes, I still have the DB from May 2005.)

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Okay, so I think I'm just going to nuke the forum and install a fresh copy of YaBB2.1 there. Will I be able to port the old SMF file into the new YaBB? I don't have much experience in this area...


Yabb 2.1 is the CGI version of the board, which would arguably be a downgrade even if you could get it to bring across the old data, which I don't recommend.


I can find two versions of the database. One which I upgraded to YaBB SE 1.5.5, the other which is already prepped for SMF 1.0.3. Personally I'd recommend just going with the latter version (I can upgrade it to 1.0.6 first before doing the dump), SMF is strictly superior to YaBB SE in every way.

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