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Preventing Effect Stacking in Potions


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Hello -


If you have a spell whose effects shouldn't stack with itself (e.g., greater malison shouldn't lower saves more than once), it is my understanding that you prevent the stacking by adding a "protection from spell" effect to the spell (e.g., if greater malison is spwi4xx, you add a protection from spell spwi4xx effect so that any target affected by malison is protected from being affected again).


Is there a way to do the same thing with potions? One potion which has an increment effect is the potion of fire resistance: it adds 50% to fire resistance. Is there any way of preventing the stacking of effects from multiple fire resistance potions without inhibiting the player's ability to add resistance from other sources (say, a ring of fire resistance)? Or is it generally accepted that any potions containing increment/decrement effects are supposed to have their effects be stackable?

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I can't think of anything offhand--you could do EFFs, but it's the same basic idea as the spell, only more files. Can't Use Item might work but I doubt it. I believe it just prevents you from equipping items and that may not prevent you from using the abilities of an item.

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