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Does anyone has the time to do the following?


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OK, done.

Using BG1/TOSC, final patch, Baldurdash+GTU, checked against overridden .cre's


The following .cre files soundset info:


























Run through Macready's utility in pairs, debug files renamed to make quick redistribution among multiple modders.


Since I can't figure out how to add an attachment to this post, I am pm-ing the files to you, Domi. If M'lady would post files, I will go search around for a how-to manual for bboards.

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Hey, a quick question ---


in Sillara's tutorial, she doesn't show an example of a "blanked" soundref, where we confirm a sound but the sound does not have a text return (grunts, groans, etc., etc.)


so, is it


SetPlayerSound(Myself,~For the glory of Helm!~ [AJANTIS 03],BATTLE_CRY5)


for repair with text,



SetPlayerSound(Myself,~ ~ [AJANTIS 38],DAMAGE)


for without?

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ok -- on the right track! cool!

Since I 'm learning publically, three final checks.


1. tildeSPACEtilde = blanked, not tildetilde, right?


2. Some (a small handful) NPCs references list a single number instead of a soundref id, e.g.:

SetPlayerSound(Myself,~Ya dolt, shut yer trap before it gets you into trouble.~ [KAGAIN 37],45)


can someone double-check that result?



3. Only one strange/unexpected result, found in Skie's refs, HAPPY and REACT_TO_DIE_GENERAL are identical:

SetPlayerSound(Myself,~'sniffle' I can't believe he's dead.~ [sKIE 40],HAPPY)

SetPlayerSound(Myself,~'sniffle' I can't believe he's dead.~ [sKIE 40],REACT_TO_DIE_GENERAL)


can someone double-check that result?


other than that, going back for proofreading #1.

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As far as I know it does not matter if you do ~ ~ or ~~ or ~ ~ it will all be an "empty" string.


Hmm, not sure about #2, but I think it can be the sounds that are associated with banters rather than the soundsets.


I checked what voiced lines we have from Skie, and I am not sure which one is supposed to be her "happy" sound, but at least 3 fit better than "sniff"


[sKIE 35] You're a good friend.

[sKIE 36] I feel safe with you in the party.

[sKIE 37] I think you're a beautiful person.


So, at your discretion, whichever one you like the best, and whichever is unused by the Sound-set yet. I am guessing it is either 36 or 37? Anyone remembers?

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All three of those are already assigned as returns for COMPLIMENT1, COMPLIMENT2, and COMPLIMENT3, so for right now I will put


[sKIE 36] I feel safe with you in the party.


as the HAPPY.


I will leave the anomolous (anonylmouse? annomynyus?!) numbered refs in place, for reference!

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Completely off-topic, and I apologize(I just know that Domi's PM box is always full), but Domi, your current(Ned is dead) signature is evil. Evil. Eeeeevil.


It's like putting "Hey, Harry Potter fans! ***** dies in Book 6!" :down:

(I'm not unhappy about the fact. I never liked *****'s sense of humor, anyway, and his actor just drives me nuts. Honestly. But still... )

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Yeah, but the book is almost 10 years old, so it's about just as "spoilerish" info as "Gandalf survives his fall in Moria". Plus, if you did not read the book, you won't know who the hell this is anyways. For myself, you could have put the blanked name into your post and I would just shrug. :down:

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But I have read the books enough to start to (dis)like Ned, and now I know he's dead. Sigh.


Okay, sorry again, thanks, and I'll shut up with off-topic and start selebrating the Women's Day, instead. Early Congrats to all BG1 NPC(and G3) ladies!

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Trust me, there are so many surprises in ASOIF and so many things you'd believe impossible, but they happen and become very logical in time :down: The biggest advice one can give to anyone who starts reading ASOIF is to never forget: "valar morghulis" ....


On the related note, I was just reading T.Goodkind's short story in Legends, and I was feeling *cheated*, truly *cheated* when nobody died, and the ending was very happy.

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