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Shards of Ice

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Greetings, CamDawg!

I applied Olvyn's Spell Tool to the Summon Cow spell from Shards of Ice.    I wanted to contribute this to the community on the official GitHub repository but wasn't sure how best to handle this.

Olvyn's Spell Tool on its own does little:  In general, it prevents the code from reaching the 50 spells per spell type (arcane/divine) per spell limit of the typical ADD_SPELL function.  I applied it for better compatibility with other mods such as 5e Casting.  Just like in the original version, I ensured only Bards and Wizards could learn it via scrolls as per usual:  This was very intentionally a minimalistic update from me.

I also added PI metadata and updated the WeiDU version to 249.

I PMed you a longer version of this message with a link to the updated archive.


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