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Are there any mods that make Nalia a decent thief?


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I'm sure that only a maniac would try to use Nalia as the primary thief in the party, so I'd love to see some changes made to her.


I tried to do this myself with an existing game by using Shadow Keeper to change her thieving abilites, but for some reason SK has much lower numbers for these than are displayed in-game e.g. Move Silently is 20 in-game but 0 in SK. This stops me reducing the values of some skills in order to put the points into Open Locks and Find Traps.


My plan was to give her 90 in Open Locks and 100 in Find Traps, reduce most of her other skills and keep the total at 215. I figured this would be a balanced way of doing things. Since I'm unable to do this, are there any mods out there that make her a viable thief with regards to Open Locks and Find Traps?

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Thank you, both. After a bit of detective work, I did manage to dl the mod Bigg referred to. I'll give it a try.


I do often use Imoen in my party, but when I do decide to drop her it'll be nice to have Nalia as a suitable replacement.

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A non-WeiDU version is Blucher's alternate BG2 NPCs (lvl1npcs.zip). I 'likes' it because once you join with a NPC they come on board at Level 1 but with the appropriate exp points for the chapter/level of your game; thus you can assign the character's pips and talents as you like.


I'm pretty sure there's a Nalia-as-thief option is in the package (might be wrong, though).


Why are you still using Shadowkeeper? That's so 90's. Come on, join the 21st Century baby - NI all the way!

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