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[fixed] Errors with Restored SoA Logo

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Thanks for the advice. I was just doing a test run to see if I was adept enough at SK to change Anomen's starting inventory without my usual mess-ups. I have no saved games to trash if I do a reinstallation.

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Not installing the "Restored Loadscreens" component was a tough decision, just because I hate the skull, but it did fix everything.


I'm still having trouble with stackable items and with Cutscenes in the Tweak Pack. I've been forced to install them from Ease of Use after all. They show up on the WeiDU log, but nothing happens in game. the cutscenes still played in their absurd length, and I was restricted to stacks of 40 arrows, 5 potions, etc. Installing those components from WeiDU fixed it.


Everything else ingame works fine.

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Perhaps you remember ? I said on SHS that Restore SOA Logo seemed to be incompatible with BGT-WeiDU GUI because of transparent loading screen.


I discovered that it was not the problem. I am currently using Restore SOA Logo without any GUI from BG2-Tweak v1 and I get transparent loading screen either. So there is a problem with this component.


G3 Tweaks's Restore SOA Logo was working perfectly, with or without custom GUI.

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Guest kimmel

Hi-- I thought I'd report that I just had the same problem on an experimental install: when using the SoA load screen (which I like very much) only the central logo (yin/yang face surrounded by load bar) would appear. that game still worked fine; it just looked very strange. I had NeJ2, Sos, CtB, D/NSotSC, and the fixpack installed, Tweaks last (no Gui). Removing/installing the SoA element of BG2 Tweaks seemed to remove/cause the problem.

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There is most definitely a problem with BGtweaks component that changes the loadscreen. I never had problems with the older version (G3Tweaks)'s installing the same component.


Is there any way we can still DL the 'obsolete' G3 Tweaks? I had no problems with that version of the tweaks but this current BGTweaks has a few problems besides this one as well.


I hate to say it, but same goes for BGFix imo. I've had much better success with Baldurdash than the 'improved' BGFixes so far and have gone back to BD.

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