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Documentation of Fixes

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Argh. I really wish I had checked this thread prior to v3 because this...


Hello -


Deathblows Allowing Save


Because they were re-using an effect from the monk's quivering palm, deathblow and greater deathblow were allowing saves by their target and were not restricted to the hit dice indicated by their descriptions.


Files altered: spcl902.spl, spcl903.spl

Files added: spcl902a.eff, spcl903a.eff


I see the new .EFFs in my override, but no modified spcl902.spl or spcl903.spl. Wrong filenames, or not modified?

is a bug that needs to be fixed, and is for my local copy (aka v4).


Hello -


Hardiness Not Increasing Duration With Levels


The hardiness HLA was being capped at level 30; most HLAs don't top out their abilities to level 30.


Files altered: spcl907.spl, spwish12.spl


Formerly capped at 20? Something other than 30 at any rate.

Yes, capped at 20, Fixpack extends to 30 like other HLAs. Docs typo fixed.


Wee typo in the SHLFMP Cam:


New shoutids.ids Entries


These entries are added by an external library (bg2fixpack/lib/ids_entries_gtimes.tph) to easily allow other modders to use this functionality. The following entries are added to gtimes.ids:


gtimes.ids=shoutids.ids in both places?

Yes; this typo is also fixed.

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The documentation webpage linked by this post says


This documentation is complete as of Version 3. This document will contain spoilers.
on the very first line. Is it up to date or does it need to be updated further?

Just that line was wrong, and it's been updated now. Thanks.

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