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Documentation of Fixes

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A new screenshot gallery has been added to complement the existing documentation. For now at least, the gallery is full of soon-to-be-included fixes, though the flame strike, moon dog, and Helm/green water fixes are all in the current release.


If anyone would like to see some screenshots of other graphical fixes we've made, just ask and I'll do my best to add it to the gallery.

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I just learned that I like the Moon Dog avatar "extremely pixelated"! If the Moon appeared in the game, it too would be [/font]extremely pixelated.



With v1, I've also started a new section of the documentation, which shall hopefully remain minimal: Unfixable Issues. Since it's mainly built from my very faulty memory, I'm sure I've missed many things--feel free to remind me. :)

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Guest Strangery Joe

Err um .. I'm just some random person a-wandering on by, so I do apologize if this isn't the right place for this or if it's already been brought to your attention, but in the readme the link to the expanded documentation for the beta core fixes is broken. So uh, well there you go.

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Skald docs error fixed. One other change that's coming--a suggestion from Rheannan over in the Bio forums was to allow reading of the docs without the big 'files altered, files added' lists. I'm adding the ability to toggle visibility of these areas.



Will do, but it's going to take me a bit. I'll also add character names to the core fixes alignment change lists as well.

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Hello -


Simulacrum Restoration Exploit


Simulacrums are basically level-drained copies of the caster. As such, an exploit existed where the party could cast restoration on simulacrums to make them as powerful as the original caster. This exploit has been removed.


Files altered: simulacru.spl


Small typo: s/b simulacr.spl

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Hello -


Blade Spin Fixes


The blade's offensive spin ability had a few issues. The THAC0 bonus was being applied in a fashion such that it worked, but was not reflected in the character sheet. Blades using offensive spin could also be hasted, despite the description. The attacks per round and movement rate were being applied via a haste bonus, which caused a number of flaky issues, such as losing offhand attacks. The attacks per round and movement rate bonus are now applied explicitly. Defensive spin was not protecting against movement rate changes, allowing an exploit of a defensively spinning blade being free to move. One minor issue is that Melf's Meterors can now cause the number of attacks to 'overflow' and wrap around to only 0.5 attacks per round. As a workaround, blades can no longer cast Offensive Spin when wielding Minute Meteors.


Files altered: melfmet.itm, spcl521.spl, spcl522.spl, spcl741.spl

Files added: spcl521.spld, spcl741d.spl


spcl521.spld s/b spcl521d.spl

spcl741* are the resources for Boon of Lathander

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Hello -


Deathblows Allowing Save


Because they were re-using an effect from the monk's quivering palm, deathblow and greater deathblow were allowing saves by their target and were not restricted to the hit dice indicated by their descriptions.


Files altered: spcl902.spl, spcl903.spl

Files added: spcl902a.eff, spcl903a.eff


I see the new .EFFs in my override, but no modified spcl902.spl or spcl903.spl. Wrong filenames, or not modified?

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Wee typo in the SHLFMP Cam:


New shoutids.ids Entries


These entries are added by an external library (bg2fixpack/lib/ids_entries_gtimes.tph) to easily allow other modders to use this functionality. The following entries are added to gtimes.ids:


gtimes.ids=shoutids.ids in both places?



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